ALLCMC Telegram Bot

Telegram ID: @allcmc_bot

ALLCMC Telegram BotALLCMC Telegram Bot


Using intelligent recognition technology of telegram and keywords, ALLCMC telegram bot can accurately identify the key words of telegram channels or groups and provide the real-time price of related cryptocurrency.
7X24 hours services enable you to keep track of cryptocurrency trends at anytime and anywhere.

1. Latest price checks
2. Free invitation to join chat group and provide quotation
3. Latest real-time quotations from several cryptocurrency exchanges

How to Use ALLCMC Telegram Bot

1. If you are owner of telegram channel or super chat and want to add events from feed to your channel, you just need to add @allcmc_bot to administrators of chat or channel. And you need to set @allcmc_bot as the administrator.

2. Events will be added within 30 seconds of their appearance on To activate bot, you will need to post in your channel (group) at least one message (any).

3. Send abbreviations of the cryptocurrency in the group, the bot can reply real-time price of the cryptocurrency automatically, for example, type ‘BTC’.

  • Step 1

    Click the search icon ALLCMC Telegram Bot
  • Step 2

    Type in "allcmc_bot", and then you can see the ID "@allcmc_bot" ALLCMC Telegram Bot
  • Step 3

    Select this ID and press the "START" button (or RESTART) ALLCMC Telegram Bot
  • Step 4

    And then you can sent the abbr. ( for example "btc" ) to get the price ALLCMC Telegram Bot
  • Step 5

    For example eth ALLCMC Telegram Bot
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