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Volume (24H): $10,548,736 ≈1,293 BTC Rank 38
Country Russia Pairs 142 Website https://yobit.net

Yobit is one of the world's top 30 trading exchanges, offering a wide variety of currency transactions, with a super-simple interface ​which provides Russian, Chinese and English versions.

 Active Markets
# NamePairPriceVolume(24H)Volume(%)Updated
1 Zcash Zcash ZEC/BTC$36.92$8,107,99176.81%Recently
2 Litecoin Litecoin LTC/BTC$55.25$1,688,20215.99%2 Mins Ago
3 Waves Waves WAVES/BTC$0.8472$735,5636.97%3 Mins Ago
4 Litecoin Litecoin LTC/USD$57.3$3,8590.04%10 Mins Ago
5 PAYCENT PAYCENT PYN/BTC$0.0223$3,6770.03%55 Mins Ago
6 Tron Tron TRX/BTC$0.0157$3,3620.03%13 Mins Ago
7 Global Curren... Global Curren... GCR/BTC$0.0258$2,9350.03%37 Mins Ago
8 Verge Verge XVG/BTC$0.00367$1,2550.01%Recently
9 Waves Waves WAVES/USD$0.89$1,1440.01%22 Mins Ago
10 Lina Lina LINA/ETH$0.0721$1,1420.01%1 Hours Ago
11 FuturoCoin FuturoCoin FTO/BTC$0.2101$1,0520.01%3 Hours Ago
12 Tron Tron TRX/USD$0.0169$6670.01%19 Mins Ago
13 iEthereum iEthereum IETH/BTC$0.0326$6010.01%46 Mins Ago
14 Lisk Lisk LSK/BTC$0.7657$5930.01%3 Hours Ago
15 Mao Zedong Mao Zedong MAO/BTC$0.0581$4500%7 Hours Ago
16 SunContract SunContract SNC/BTC$0.0218$4390%2 Hours Ago
17 Zcash Zcash ZEC/USD$38.39$3070%11 Mins Ago
18 AudioCoin AudioCoin ADC/BTC$0.000245$2510%17 Hours Ago
19 Verge Verge XVG/USD$0.00392$2430%Recently
20 ReddCoin ReddCoin RDD/BTC$0.00106$2340%4 Hours Ago
21 Lina Lina LINA/BTC$0.0931$2190%4 Hours Ago
22 GuccioneCoin GuccioneCoin GCC/BTC$0.001957$2060%4 Hours Ago
25 PetroDollar PetroDollar XPD/BTC$0.0241$1820%13 Hours Ago
26 Swing Swing SWING/BTC$0.0187$1720%6 Hours Ago
28 ArcticCoin ArcticCoin ARCX/BTC$0.00367$1150%20 Mins Ago
29 ATBCoin ATBCoin ATB/BTC$0.001142$620%8 Mins Ago
30 Peercoin Peercoin PPC/BTC$0.2712$580%34 Mins Ago
31 COMSA-ETH COMSA-ETH CMS/BTC$0.0409$550%4 Hours Ago
32 Happycoin Happycoin HPC/BTC$0.0108$530%8 Hours Ago
33 PAYCENT PAYCENT PYN/ETH$0.0271$510%1 Hours Ago
34 TrumpCoin TrumpCoin TRUMP/BTC$0.0175$460%18 Mins Ago
35 Luna Coin Luna Coin LUNA/BTC$0.000652$440%6 Hours Ago
36 NEM NEM XEM/BTC$0.0379$430%3 Hours Ago
37 HiCoin HiCoin XHI/BTC$0.000245$400%1 Hours Ago
38 Lina Lina LINA/USD$0.072$380%5 Hours Ago
39 iEthereum iEthereum IETH/USD$0.0343$320%3 Hours Ago
40 ClubCoin ClubCoin CLUB/BTC$0.0411$300%9 Hours Ago
41 Lina Lina LINA/DOGE$0.0749$290%5 Hours Ago
42 GUESS GUESS GUESS/BTC$0.000326$280%8 Hours Ago
43 Selfiecoin Selfiecoin SLFI/BTC$0.00008156$250%10 Hours Ago
44 LanaCoin LanaCoin LANA/BTC$0.00008156$240%3 Hours Ago
45 iCoin iCoin ICN/BTC$0.002202$170%3 Hours Ago
46 PAYCENT PAYCENT PYN/USD$0.0293$160%2 Hours Ago
47 ALIS ALIS ALIS/BTC$0.0344$150%3 Hours Ago
48 FuturoCoin FuturoCoin FTO/USD$0.2266$150%6 Mins Ago
49 FirstCoin FirstCoin FRST/BTC$0.007585$150%10 Mins Ago
50 Swarm City Swarm City SWT/BTC$0.0839$130%6 Hours Ago
51 Lina Lina LINA/WAVES$0.0621$110%5 Hours Ago
52 Clams Clams CLAM/BTC$0.8247$110%27 Mins Ago
53 Viacoin Viacoin VIA/BTC$0.2101$90%4 Hours Ago
54 Rise Rise RISE/BTC$0.1644$80%17 Hours Ago
55 ALTCOM ALTCOM ALTCOM/BTC$0.003833$80%10 Hours Ago
56 Iconic Iconic ICON/BTC$0.009298$70%14 Hours Ago
57 Coimatic 2.0 Coimatic 2.0 CTIC2/BTC$0.000163$70%11 Mins Ago
58 FuturoCoin FuturoCoin FTO/ETH$0.1867$70%12 Hours Ago
59 SmartCoin SmartCoin SMC/BTC$0.001142$50%1 Hours Ago
60 SocialCoin SocialCoin SOCC/BTC$0.000326$50%12 Hours Ago
61 iXledger iXledger IXT/BTC$0.0108$40%5 Hours Ago
62 Wild Beast Block Wild Beast Block WBB/BTC$0.0211$40%13 Hours Ago
63 InvestFeed InvestFeed IFT/BTC$0.000326$40%12 Hours Ago
64 MarxCoin MarxCoin MARX/BTC$0.000489$30%6 Mins Ago
65 SONM SONM SNM/BTC$0.0126$20%3 Hours Ago
66 PAYCENT PAYCENT PYN/DOGE$0.0284$20%2 Hours Ago
67 Quebecoin Quebecoin QBC/BTC$0.001305$20%4 Hours Ago
68 Comet Comet CMT/BTC$0.005465$20%2 Hours Ago
69 Super Bitcoin Super Bitcoin SBTC/BTC$1.53$20%7 Hours Ago
70 Ratecoin Ratecoin XRA/BTC$0.000408$10%7 Mins Ago
71 Spots Spots SPT/BTC$0.000489$10%3 Hours Ago
72 SongCoin SongCoin SONG/BTC$0.000163$10%3 Hours Ago
73 Startcoin Startcoin START/BTC$0.005301$10%14 Hours Ago
74 Ultimate Secure Cash Ultimate Secure Cash USC/BTC$0.008645$10%23 Hours Ago
75 Unify Unify UNIFY/BTC$0.006606$10%15 Hours Ago
76 Mineum Mineum MNM/BTC$0.00106$10%3 Hours Ago
77 Rubies Rubies RBIES/BTC$0.005546$10%20 Hours Ago
78 Advanced Internet Blocks Advanced Internet Blocks AIB/BTC$0.001305$10%23 Hours Ago
79 PAYCENT PAYCENT PYN/WAVES$0.03$10%16 Hours Ago
80 bitJob bitJob STU/USD$0.00035$00%12 Hours Ago
81 NEM NEM XEM/USD$0.039$00%1 Hours Ago
82 SwapToken SwapToken TOKEN/USD$1.1E-07$00%38 Mins Ago
83 ShowHand ShowHand HAND/USD$5.4E-07$00%12 Hours Ago
84 Fire Lotto Fire Lotto FLOT/WAVES$0.001948$00%6 Hours Ago
85 Cryptojacks Cryptojacks CJ/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
86 GoldPieces GoldPieces GP/BTC?$?0%16 Hours Ago
87 PX PX PX/BTC?$?0%14 Hours Ago
88 TransferCoin TransferCoin TX/BTC?$?0%22 Hours Ago
89 OctoCoin OctoCoin 888/BTC?$?0%14 Hours Ago
90 ATBCoin ATBCoin ATB/USD?$?0%17 Hours Ago
91 ATLANT ATLANT ATL/BTC?$?0%5 Hours Ago
92 Flycoin Flycoin FLY/BTC?$?0%1 Days Ago
93 GeoCoin GeoCoin GEO/BTC?$?0%1 Days Ago
94 GlobalCoin GlobalCoin GLC/BTC?$?0%5 Hours Ago
95 Hedge Hedge HDG/BTC?$?0%18 Hours Ago
96 Hacken Hacken HKN/BTC?$?0%1 Hours Ago
97 HarmonyCoin HarmonyCoin HMC/BTC?$?0%15 Hours Ago
98 Hexx Hexx HXX/BTC?$?0%12 Hours Ago
99 KingN Coin KingN Coin KNC/BTC?$?0%1 Days Ago
100 MaxCoin MaxCoin MAX/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
101 Theresa May Coin Theresa May Coin MAY/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
102 Prime-XI Prime-XI PXI/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
103 Stress Stress STS/BTC?$?0%3 Hours Ago
104 SysCoin SysCoin SYS/BTC?$?0%4 Hours Ago
105 TagCoin TagCoin TAG/BTC?$?0%3 Hours Ago
106 Veltor Veltor VLT/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
107 Vertcoin Vertcoin VTC/BTC?$?0%23 Hours Ago
108 WayGuide WayGuide WAY/BTC?$?0%13 Hours Ago
109 Wagerr Wagerr WGR/BTC?$?0%17 Hours Ago
110 X-Coin X-Coin XCO/BTC?$?0%22 Hours Ago
111 Xonecoin Xonecoin XOC/BTC?$?0%22 Hours Ago
112 Quotient Quotient XQN/BTC?$?0%1 Days Ago
113 Concoin Concoin CONX/BTC?$?0%14 Hours Ago
114 Fire Lotto Fire Lotto FLOT/ETH?$?0%12 Hours Ago
115 Fintab Fintab FNTB/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
116 Fintab Fintab FNTB/ETH?$?0%2 Days Ago
117 FrankyWillCoin FrankyWillCoin FRWC/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
119 InflationCoin InflationCoin IFLT/USD?$?0%1 Days Ago
120 ImpulseCoin ImpulseCoin IMPS/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
121 Internxt Internxt INXT/BTC?$?0%9 Hours Ago
122 Kobocoin Kobocoin KOBO/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
123 MojoCoin MojoCoin MOJO/BTC?$?0%22 Hours Ago
124 Shadow Token Shadow Token SHDW/BTC?$?0%6 Hours Ago
125 Synergy Synergy SNRG/BTC?$?0%15 Hours Ago
126 TOKYO TOKYO TOKC/USD?$?0%1 Days Ago
127 UnitedBitcoin UnitedBitcoin UBTC/BTC?$?0%18 Hours Ago
128 Universal Cur... Universal Cur... UNIT/BTC?$?0%3 Hours Ago
129 Wink Wink WINK/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
130 PlatinumBAR PlatinumBAR XPTX/BTC?$?0%1 Days Ago
131 2GIVE 2GIVE 2GIVE/BTC?$?0%20 Hours Ago
132 Acoin Acoin ACOIN/BTC?$?0%10 Hours Ago
133 CloakCoin CloakCoin CLOAK/BTC?$?0%23 Hours Ago
134 Fire Lotto Fire Lotto FLOT/DOGE?$?0%12 Hours Ago
135 Fintab Fintab FNTB/DOGE?$?0%2 Days Ago
136 LiteBitcoin LiteBitcoin LBTCX/BTC?$?0%16 Hours Ago
137 Linda Linda LINDA/BTC?$?0%21 Hours Ago
138 Mavro Mavro MAVRO/BTC?$?0%1 Days Ago
139 Pulse Pulse PULSE/BTC?$?0%20 Hours Ago
140 RubleBit RubleBit RUBIT/BTC?$?0%4 Hours Ago
141 Pirate Blocks Pirate Blocks SKULL/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
142 Bitcoin 21 Bitcoin 21 XBTC21/BTC?$?0%22 Hours Ago
* Price Excluded
** Volume Excluded - No Trading Fees
*** Price/Volume Excluded - Outlier Detected

Yobit is one of the world's top 30 trading exchanges, offering a wide variety of currency transactions, with a super-simple interface which provides Russian, Chinese and English versions.


User-friendly interface

Full Trade page at the screen without scrolling

Immediate cryptocurrency deposit / withdrawal

YobiCodes (deposit codes)

Api in btc-e format for faster integration into bot-systems;

Two-factor authentication (Google Authenticator, email);



On the security side it has:

File systems encryption



Intelligent system of queer transaction analysis and blocking;

Real time encrypted data backup;

Cold/hot wallets.

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