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ShuzibI Exchange (, is a block chain digital assets exchange registered in Singapore, mainly provides Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital assests trading service for global users.

 Active Markets
# NamePairPriceVolume(24H)Volume(%)Updated
1 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/USDT$3,592$86,254,00825.97%Recently
2 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/USDT$122$68,343,74920.58%Recently
3 EOS EOS EOS/USDT$2.41$25,475,2337.67%Recently
4 Litecoin Litecoin LTC/BTC$31.41$21,564,2546.49%Recently
5 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/BTC$122$18,243,9015.49%Recently
6 Ripple Ripple XRP/USDT$0.325$14,288,0074.3%Recently
7 Litecoin Litecoin LTC/USDT$31.38$12,947,4123.9%Recently
8 Ripple Ripple XRP/BTC$0.3248$9,962,0263%Recently
9 Paxos Standard Token Paxos Standard Token PAX/USDT$0.9932$7,925,7062.39%Recently
10 EOS EOS EOS/BTC$2.41$6,766,0342.04%Recently
11 Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic ETC/BTC$4.25$6,480,7131.95%Recently
12 Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic ETC/USDT$4.24$6,267,8341.89%Recently
13 Tron Tron TRX/USDT$0.0245$5,305,3991.6%Recently
14 Ontology Ontology ONT/USDT$0.619$2,401,8520.72%Recently
15 MobileGo MobileGo MGO/BTC$0.2731$2,300,9500.69%Recently
16 NEO NEO NEO/BTC$7.6$2,207,4840.66%Recently
17 NEO NEO NEO/USDT$7.59$2,187,7050.66%Recently
18 Bitcoin Cash SV [BSV] Bitcoin Cash SV [BSV] BCHSV/USDT$77.01$2,142,1650.65%Recently
19 Bitcoin Cash ABC Bitcoin Cash ABC BCHABC/USDT$127$2,044,9740.62%Recently
20 Bitcoin Cash ABC Bitcoin Cash ABC BCHABC/BTC$127$1,824,2300.55%Recently
21 Dash Dash DASH/BTC$70.28$1,823,9260.55%Recently
22 Qtum Qtum QTUM/BTC$2.09$1,708,3970.51%Recently
23 EOS EOS EOS/ETH$2.42$1,662,9340.5%Recently
24 Ripple Ripple XRP/ETH$0.3256$1,444,1940.43%Recently
25 Zilliqa Zilliqa ZIL/USDT$0.0228$1,426,8600.43%Recently
26 Bitcoin Cash SV [BSV] Bitcoin Cash SV [BSV] BCHSV/BTC$77.04$1,397,4940.42%Recently
27 Qtum Qtum QTUM/USDT$2.11$1,375,6320.41%Recently
28 Ontology Ontology ONT/BTC$0.6165$1,342,8590.4%Recently
29 OmiseGo OmiseGo OMG/BTC$1.27$1,216,7740.37%Recently
30 Dash Dash DASH/USDT$70.45$1,049,3920.32%Recently
31 Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic ETC/ETH$4.26$900,9440.27%Recently
32 OmiseGo OmiseGo OMG/USDT$1.26$812,4590.24%Recently
33 Tron Tron TRX/BTC$0.0245$799,2220.24%Recently
34 Ravencoin Ravencoin RVN/BTC$0.0121$735,6030.22%Recently
35 CyberMiles CyberMiles CMT/USDT$0.026$672,5200.2%Recently
36 The Midas Touch Gold The Midas Touch Gold TMTG/BTC$0.005677$666,7110.2%Recently
37 DigiFinexToken DigiFinexToken DFT/USDT$0.131$658,5630.2%Recently
38 Internet of Services Internet of Services IOST/USDT$0.006248$648,6690.2%Recently
39 OmiseGo OmiseGo OMG/ETH$1.26$612,0710.18%Recently
40 Consentium Consentium CSM/BTC$4.6$521,8840.16%21 Mins Ago
41 Chain Chain CRO/BTC$0.0149$491,0050.15%Recently
42 NEM NEM XEM/BTC$0.0555$485,1840.15%Recently
43 LinkEye LinkEye LET/USDT$0.003776$361,2350.11%Recently
44 Tron Tron TRX/ETH$0.0246$312,2350.09%Recently
45 CyberMiles CyberMiles CMT/BTC$0.0259$278,6490.08%Recently
46 Crypto.Com Crypto.Com MCO/BTC$2.21$264,7300.08%Recently
47 Consentium Consentium CSM/USDT$4.98$247,1820.07%3 Hours Ago
48 0x 0x ZRX/USDT$0.2968$237,2330.07%Recently
49 Energi Energi NRG/BTC$1.14$231,7260.07%45 Mins Ago
50 ELF ELF ELF/USDT$0.1085$227,5570.07%Recently
51 NEO NEO NEO/ETH$7.63$215,6500.06%Recently
52 Ontology Ontology ONT/ETH$0.6177$194,8170.06%Recently
53 ELF ELF ELF/BTC$0.108$164,3940.05%Recently
54 Ether Zero Ether Zero ETZ/USDT$0.1192$157,4150.05%Recently
55 Vexanium Vexanium VEX/USDT$0.003719$119,2960.04%13 Mins Ago
56 Zilliqa Zilliqa ZIL/ETH$0.023$107,5370.03%Recently
57 StarCoin StarCoin KST/BTC$0.006934$98,6950.03%3 Hours Ago
58 Qtum Qtum QTUM/ETH$2.09$98,1280.03%Recently
59 Mithril Mithril MITH/USDT$0.0548$90,9640.03%1 Mins Ago
60 Ether Zero Ether Zero ETZ/ETH$0.1188$85,1010.03%Recently
61 Power Ledger Power Ledger POWR/BTC$0.1007$77,8440.02%Recently
62 Ether Zero Ether Zero ETZ/BTC$0.1163$71,7600.02%Recently
63 LinkEye LinkEye LET/ETH$0.003788$71,5820.02%Recently
64 Ruff Ruff RUFF/USDT$0.008838$70,5810.02%Recently
65 NEM NEM XEM/ETH$0.0559$70,3580.02%4 Mins Ago
66 Dash Dash DASH/ETH$70.38$67,3870.02%Recently
67 Mithril Mithril MITH/BTC$0.0556$56,4620.02%3 Mins Ago
68 Internet of Services Internet of Services IOST/ETH$0.006329$56,2390.02%Recently
69 MyToken MyToken MT/ETH$0.001217$53,4850.02%16 Hours Ago
70 ZIP ZIP ZIP/USDT$0.000273$50,7040.02%Recently
71 CyberMiles CyberMiles CMT/ETH$0.0259$44,9420.01%4 Mins Ago
72 0x 0x ZRX/BTC$0.2973$40,0140.01%Recently
73 ZIP ZIP ZIP/ETH$0.000281$39,5050.01%Recently
74 Siacoin Siacoin SC/ETH$0.00242$38,2820.01%Recently
75 RealChain RealChain RCT/ETH$0.000589$37,4590.01%Recently
76 ELF ELF ELF/ETH$0.109$35,8770.01%Recently
77 Fair.Game Fair.Game FAIR/ETH$0.002155$31,6810.01%Recently
78 Smartshare Smartshare SSP/ETH$0.001021$30,5720.01%Recently
79 Gas Gas GAS/BTC$2.11$28,0240.01%Recently
80 DIYchain DIYchain DIY/USDT$0.001891$26,1370.01%Recently
81 Globalvillage Ecosystem Globalvillage Ecosystem GVE/ETH$0.000423$24,9440.01%1 Mins Ago
82 Lightning Bitcoin Lightning Bitcoin LBTC/BTC$1.42$21,5650.01%2 Mins Ago
83 Humanscape Humanscape HUM/ETH$0.000116$16,7290.01%5 Mins Ago
84 DATx DATx DATX/ETH$0.000846$16,1950%Recently
85 DATx DATx DATX/BTC$0.000755$15,3410%Recently
86 Genaro Network Genaro Network GNX/BTC$0.0168$15,2360%2 Mins Ago
87 Gas Gas GAS/USDT$2.1$13,6040%9 Mins Ago
88 Mithril Mithril MITH/ETH$0.0552$12,6520%Recently
89 InsurChain InsurChain INSUR/ETH$0.000177$11,7130%Recently
90 Genaro Network Genaro Network GNX/ETH$0.0161$11,5690%Recently
91 Power Ledger Power Ledger POWR/ETH$0.0991$10,4530%Recently
92 0x 0x ZRX/ETH$0.2964$7,9940%Recently
93 Ruff Ruff RUFF/ETH$0.008775$6,6450%Recently
94 NewsToken NewsToken NEWOS/ETH$0.001329$5,2490%Recently
95 SyncFab SyncFab MFG/ETH$0.001342$4,8580%8 Hours Ago
96 Gas Gas GAS/ETH$2.11$4,0240%9 Mins Ago
97 Cryptosolartech Cryptosolartech CST/ETH$0.005294$4,0050%3 Hours Ago
98 Cryptosolartech Cryptosolartech CST/BTC$0.00503$2,8680%4 Hours Ago
99 SHOW SHOW SHOW/USDT$0.000739$1,9660%17 Mins Ago
100 Super Energy Super Energy EES/ETH$0.008352$1,2580%1 Hours Ago
101 Qbao Qbao QBT/ETH$0.0135$1,1510%Recently
102 SuperEdge SuperEdge ECT/USDT$0.000028$7800%9 Hours Ago
103 Pundi X Pundi X NPXS/BTC$0.000467$5310%17 Mins Ago
104 Fair.Game Fair.Game FAIR/USDT$0.002$5220%Recently
105 OpenSource Chain OpenSource Chain OSCH/ETH$0.000124$2330%7 Hours Ago
106 MassGrid MassGrid MGD/ETH$0.0661$780%23 Hours Ago
107 Siacoin Siacoin SC/BTC?$?0%1 Days Ago
108 Black Hole Coin Black Hole Coin BHC/ETH?$?0%11 Hours Ago
109 Blockchain Quotations Index Token Blockchain Quotations Index Token BQT/ETH?$?0%2 Days Ago
* Price Excluded
** Volume Excluded - No Trading Fees
*** Price/Volume Excluded - Outlier Detected

ShuzibI Exchange (, is a block chain digital assets exchange registered in Singapore, mainly provides Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital assests trading service for global users. The exchange is operated by DIGIFINEX PTE. LTD. in Singapore.

ShuzibI Exchange ( is founded by domestic leading technical team and professional digital assets enthusiasts. The core team members come from Thunderbolt, Tencent and other well-known enterprises. It aims to provide users with more secure, convenient and high quality transparent block chain assets trade and exchange service, aggregate high quality chain block assets around the world, and create world-class block chain asset trading platform.

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