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Volume (24H): $120,622,525 ≈16,037 BTC Rank 16
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QRYPTOS is the only service platform that supports exchange between digital currencies. It adopts a unique design concept which can provide efficient and secure digital currency trading support for users at all levels from primary to professional level.

 Active Markets
# NamePairPriceVolume(24H)Volume(%)Updated
1 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/JPY$7,337$114,924,79495.28%4 Hours Ago
2 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/USD$7,527$3,658,1243.03%3 Mins Ago
3 Ripple Ripple XRP/JPY$0.2195$852,8070.71%2 Hours Ago
4 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/JPY$145$268,7070.22%Recently
5 Ripple Ripple XRP/USD$0.2246$250,9520.21%4 Hours Ago
6 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/SGD$7,539$128,2000.11%Recently
7 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/USD$148$104,1610.09%Recently
8 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/EUR$7,657$54,2880.05%18 Mins Ago
9 Crypterium Crypterium CRPT/BTC$0.4181$44,4500.04%18 Mins Ago
10 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/ANCT$7,529$43,2590.04%2 Mins Ago
11 Crypterium Crypterium CRPT/ETH$0.4148$39,5310.03%17 Mins Ago
12 Crypterium Crypterium CRPT/QASH$0.4158$37,3890.03%18 Mins Ago
13 QASH QASH QASH/JPY$0.0543$24,6850.02%1 Mins Ago
14 Dragon Coins Dragon Coins DRG/ETH$0.0519$20,6990.02%Recently
15 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/BTC$148$15,6630.01%17 Mins Ago
16 Electroneum Electroneum ETN/BTC$0.003914$15,1530.01%17 Mins Ago
17 GUTS Tickets GUTS Tickets GET/BTC$0.3594$14,8000.01%38 Mins Ago
18 Dragon Coins Dragon Coins DRG/BTC$0.0529$14,5790.01%Recently
19 Electroneum Electroneum ETN/EUR$0.004015$12,5020.01%18 Mins Ago
20 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/SGD$148$11,4270.01%49 Mins Ago
21 Tokenpay Tokenpay TPAY/BTC$0.0979$9,5330.01%50 Mins Ago
22 Litecoin Litecoin LTC/BTC$45.8$9,3360.01%7 Hours Ago
23 GUTS Tickets GUTS Tickets GET/ETH$0.3301$8,7150.01%4 Mins Ago
24 QASH QASH QASH/BTC$0.0551$7,5000.01%3 Mins Ago
25 Celsius Celsius CEL/BTC$0.0742$6,3280.01%21 Mins Ago
26 Electroneum Electroneum ETN/ETH$0.003921$5,5120%21 Mins Ago
27 Ripple Ripple XRP/SGD$0.2255$4,5360%46 Mins Ago
28 QASH QASH QASH/USD$0.0556$4,0930%3 Mins Ago
29 Ripple Ripple XRP/EUR$0.2286$3,6460%1 Mins Ago
30 Ripple Ripple XRP/QASH$0.2264$3,2390%3 Mins Ago
31 Celsius Celsius CEL/ETH$0.0748$3,2240%21 Mins Ago
32 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash BCH/JPY$209$3,0840%10 Mins Ago
33 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/EUR$151$2,7880%22 Mins Ago
34 Ripple Ripple XRP/BTC$0.223$2,5920%3 Mins Ago
35 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/USDC$7,524$2,2590%5 Hours Ago
36 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/USDC$148$1,3730%2 Hours Ago
37 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash BCH/BTC$211$1,2410%7 Hours Ago
38 QASH QASH QASH/ETH$0.0536$1,1820%1 Hours Ago
39 QASH QASH QASH/EUR$0.0565$8560%1 Mins Ago
40 Enjin Coin Enjin Coin ENJ/BTC$0.0904$7270%5 Hours Ago
41 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/AUD$153$6530%6 Hours Ago
42 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/HKD$148$6190%2 Hours Ago
43 Hydrogen Hydrogen HYDRO/EUR$0.000607$5870%6 Hours Ago
44 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash BCH/USD$214$5620%27 Mins Ago
45 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/HKD$7,506$4450%2 Hours Ago
46 Crypto.Com Crypto.Com MCO/BTC$4.41$2780%6 Hours Ago
47 AMLT Token AMLT Token AMLT/ETH$0.0178$1780%24 Hours Ago
48 QASH QASH QASH/SGD$0.0557$1740%1 Mins Ago
49 SophiaTX SophiaTX SPHTX/BTC$0.001355$1460%8 Hours Ago
50 1World 1World 1WO/ETH$0.1227$1350%4 Hours Ago
51 AMLT Token AMLT Token AMLT/BTC$0.006022$1220%21 Mins Ago
52 STAC STAC STAC/ETH$0.00003852$1210%4 Mins Ago
53 Hydrogen Hydrogen HYDRO/BTC$0.00053$1010%11 Hours Ago
54 RIF Token RIF Token RIF/BTC$0.0613$970%4 Hours Ago
55 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/AUD$7,765$920%5 Hours Ago
56 AdHive AdHive ADH/ETH$0.000575$530%3 Mins Ago
57 Electroneum Electroneum ETN/QASH$0.003948$510%2 Hours Ago
58 Flixxo Flixxo FLIXX/BTC$0.005721$410%21 Mins Ago
59 Flixxo Flixxo FLIXX/ETH$0.00558$340%21 Mins Ago
60 Biotron Biotron BTRN/BTC$0.000151$230%6 Hours Ago
61 Monero Monero XMR/BTC$52.69$220%11 Hours Ago
62 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash BCH/SGD$214$210%5 Hours Ago
63 Dash Dash DASH/BTC$50.24$140%49 Mins Ago
64 1World 1World 1WO/BTC$0.2257$90%7 Hours Ago
65 Tron Tron TRX/BTC$0.0149$50%25 Mins Ago
66 Stellar Stellar XLM/BTC$0.054$20%7 Hours Ago
67 Biotron Biotron BTRN/ETH$0.00003111$20%4 Hours Ago
68 Etherecash Etherecash ECH/QASH$0.00002779$10%17 Hours Ago
69 Qtum Qtum QTUM/BTC$2.27$00%1 Hours Ago
70 Tokenpay Tokenpay TPAY/ETH$0.0847$00%2 Hours Ago
71 MyToken MyToken MT/BTC?$?0%5 Hours Ago
72 MyToken MyToken MT/ETH?$?0%5 Hours Ago
73 AdHive AdHive ADH/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
74 Enjin Coin Enjin Coin ENJ/ETH?$?0%1 Days Ago
75 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/DAI?$?0%2 Hours Ago
76 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/PHP?$?0%2 Hours Ago
77 FLIP FLIP FLP/BTC?$?0%1 Days Ago
78 DAOstack DAOstack GEN/ETH?$?0%2 Days Ago
79 Invictus Hyperion Fund Invictus Hyperion Fund IHF/BTC?$?0%49 Mins Ago
80 Invictus Hyperion Fund Invictus Hyperion Fund IHF/ETH?$?0%51 Mins Ago
81 Kryll Kryll KRL/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
82 Kryll Kryll KRL/ETH?$?0%2 Days Ago
84 NEO NEO NEO/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
85 OmiseGo OmiseGo OMG/BTC?$?0%1 Days Ago
86 Tron Tron TRX/ETH?$?0%20 Hours Ago
87 Unibright Unibright UBT/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
88 Zcash Zcash ZEC/BTC?$?0%16 Hours Ago
89 Dentcoin Dentcoin DENT/BTC?$?0%3 Hours Ago
90 Kryll Kryll KRL/QASH?$?0%2 Days Ago
91 LikeCoin LikeCoin LIKE/BTC?$?0%8 Hours Ago
92 QASH QASH QASH/AUD?$?0%3 Hours Ago
93 Qtum Qtum QTUM/USD?$?0%1 Days Ago
94 AMLT Token AMLT Token AMLT/QASH?$?0%24 Mins Ago
* Price Excluded
** Volume Excluded - No Trading Fees
*** Price/Volume Excluded - Outlier Detected


Each day, more and more token issuers are experiencing cyber-attacks, hacks, and impersonators which have led to multimillion dollars’ worth of theft. This is because current ICO platforms do not have the proper security measures in place for purchasers to deposit and transfer their funds.

Deposits are typically transferred from one ETH address to another without proper KYC checks, often using a single publicly announced address for purchasers to send their funds. Hackers and scammers take advantage of this by posting fake ETH addresses on forums, and unsuspecting token purchasers end up transferring crypto to the hackers' addresses.

At QRYPTOS, we have placed stringent, preventative measures to ensure a safe, secure, and compliant process for all token issuers and purchasers. To do this, we will carry out the necessary due diligence of all token listings on QRYPTOS and will require verification of accounts for all token purchasers.

We are committed to providing the safest exchange and trading platform for the ICO market. Sign up for a QRYPTOS account today to get access to upcoming listings and securely trade your tokens on our exchange.

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