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Founded in October 2016, LBank is an innovative digital asset trading platform for global users.

 Active Markets
# NamePairPriceVolume(24H)Volume(%)Updated
1 Bitcoin Cash(BCC) Bitcoin Cash(BCC) BCH/BTC$514$85,060,57220.93%Recently
2 Zcash Zcash ZEC/ETH$135$63,762,87615.69%Recently
3 Bitcoin Cash(BCC) Bitcoin Cash(BCC) BCH/USDT$517$50,743,25412.49%Recently
4 Bitcoin Cash(BCC) Bitcoin Cash(BCC) BCH/ETH$521$48,749,51512%Recently
5 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/USDT$6,447$28,625,7517.04%Recently
6 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/BTC$212$20,051,8694.93%Recently
7 Zcash Zcash ZEC/BTC$133$12,937,6283.18%Recently
8 ArcBlock ArcBlock ABT/BTC$0.1773$12,571,3063.09%Recently
9 Dash Dash DASH/BTC$164$9,273,7412.28%Recently
10 Qtum Qtum QTUM/BTC$3.84$8,628,9452.12%Recently
11 NEO NEO NEO/BTC$15.87$6,979,7161.72%Recently
12 Qtum Qtum QTUM/ETH$3.83$6,722,2371.65%Recently
13 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/USDT$212$6,001,1621.48%Recently
14 Zcash Zcash ZEC/USDT$134$5,524,9481.36%Recently
15 Mithril Mithril MITH/QTUM$0.2968$4,206,9211.04%Recently
16 PlayCoin [ERC20] PlayCoin [ERC20] PLY/ETH$0.0949$3,531,2720.87%Recently
17 Qtum Qtum QTUM/USDT$3.84$3,223,9300.79%Recently
18 ArcBlock ArcBlock ABT/ETH$0.1947$2,294,3720.56%Recently
19 Binance Coin Binance Coin BNB/USDT$9.51$1,977,9630.49%Recently
20 Litecoin Litecoin LTC/BTC$51.07$1,562,2490.38%Recently
21 Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic ETC/BTC$9.18$1,546,0080.38%Recently
22 NEO NEO NEO/USDT$15.93$1,524,5210.38%Recently
23 IPFS IPFS FIL36/BTC$3.71$1,405,2010.35%Recently
24 DALICHAIN DALICHAIN DALI/USDT$0.3437$1,402,5150.35%Recently
25 IPFS IPFS FIL12/BTC$4.01$1,300,6300.32%Recently
26 IPFS IPFS FIL6/BTC$4.21$1,215,0970.3%Recently
27 Project PAI Project PAI PAI/ETH$0.154$1,102,3680.27%Recently
28 Primas Primas PST/ETH$0.2599$933,8740.23%Recently
29 Project PAI Project PAI PAI/BTC$0.1587$864,6540.21%Recently
30 Ocoin Ocoin OCN/ETH$0.00791$834,6920.21%Recently
31 Credits Credits CS/ETH$0.1827$823,6800.2%Recently
32 VeChain VeChain VET/ETH$0.009955$820,8390.2%Recently
33 Bodhi Bodhi BOT/QTUM$0.0794$694,5610.17%Recently
34 Mithril Mithril MITH/ETH$0.2656$694,4120.17%Recently
35 Scry Scry DDD/ETH$0.0641$606,4470.15%Recently
36 Skrumble Network Skrumble Network SKM/ETH$0.005491$588,6050.14%Recently
37 Huobi Token Huobi Token HT/USDT$1.56$543,9360.13%Recently
38 DAEX DAEX DAX/BTC$0.0116$536,5580.13%Recently
39 BitShares BitShares BTS/ETH$0.0941$536,2610.13%Recently
40 Elastos Elastos ELA/ETH$6.44$420,5920.1%Recently
41 VeChain VeChain VET/BTC$0.01$372,8390.09%Recently
42 AiLink Token AiLink Token ALI/ETH$0.000775$360,2350.09%Recently
43 DAEX DAEX DAX/ETH$0.0113$329,1290.08%Recently
44 EthereumAI EthereumAI EAI/ETH$0.0131$320,1800.08%Recently
45 Traceability Chain Traceability Chain TAC/ETH$0.004086$315,3020.08%Recently
46 AMO Coin AMO Coin AMO/ETH$0.002063$265,1190.07%Recently
47 Matrix AI Network Matrix AI Network MAN/ETH$0.2203$263,0660.06%Recently
48 VisionX VisionX VNX/BTC$0.005195$259,0630.06%Recently
49 Ink Ink INK/QTUM$0.0198$207,0100.05%Recently
50 Acute Angle Cloud Acute Angle Cloud AAC/ETH$0.007819$201,9340.05%Recently
51 BitShares BitShares BTS/BTC$0.0939$173,5020.04%Recently
52 Influence Chain Influence Chain INC/ETH$0.019$167,2690.04%Recently
53 Nebulas Nebulas NAS/ETH$1.38$153,1850.04%Recently
54 Penta Penta PNT/BTC$0.001026$148,2080.04%Recently
55 Zeepin Zeepin ZPT/ETH$0.0188$136,2700.03%Recently
56 Siacoin Siacoin SC/BTC$0.00558$133,1090.03%Recently
57 DECENT DECENT DCT/ETH$0.2487$123,4380.03%Recently
58 WhiteCoin WhiteCoin XWC/BTC$0.0654$112,6440.03%Recently
59 VeThor Token VeThor Token VTHO/BTC$0.00077$100,6200.02%Recently
60 Ulord Ulord UT/ETH$0.0738$89,1960.02%Recently
61 Proton Token Proton Token PTT/ETH$0.000403$77,0720.02%Recently
62 Profile Utility Token Profile Utility Token PUT/ETH$0.0196$75,6970.02%Recently
63 POPCHAIN POPCHAIN PCH/BTC$0.00712$74,1140.02%Recently
64 VeChain VeChain VET/USDT$0.01$72,0590.02%Recently
65 SelfSell SelfSell SSC/ETH$0.007313$71,9570.02%Recently
66 Ubex Ubex UBEX/USDT$0.001256$71,0730.02%5 Hours Ago
67 Transcodium Transcodium TNS/BTC$0.003207$70,8750.02%7 Hours Ago
68 THEKEY THEKEY TKY/ETH$0.007203$66,6860.02%Recently
69 Penta Penta PNT/ETH$0.000964$63,5760.02%Recently
70 Moeda Loyalty Moeda Loyalty MDA/ETH$1.03$62,3350.02%Recently
71 BOTTOS BOTTOS BTO/ETH$0.0256$60,7060.01%Recently
72 Tron Tron TRX/ETH$0.0237$60,1320.01%Recently
73 Profile Utility Token Profile Utility Token PUT/QTUM$0.0265$58,5070.01%Recently
74 POPCHAIN POPCHAIN PCH/ETH$0.005309$50,8450.01%Recently
75 YOYOW YOYOW YOYOW/ETH$0.0345$48,0810.01%Recently
76 UnlimitedIP UnlimitedIP UIP/ETH$0.004574$39,9970.01%Recently
77 Experience Token Experience Token EXT/ETH$0.000271$31,4030.01%Recently
78 Ubex Ubex UBEX/BTC$0.001155$23,3000.01%4 Hours Ago
79 ChatCoin ChatCoin CHAT/QTUM$0.0185$23,0260.01%Recently
80 EchoLink EchoLink EKO/ETH$0.008116$21,3580.01%Recently
81 Apex Apex CPX/ETH$0.0312$21,0160.01%Recently
82 DDMCoin DDMCoin DDM/ETH$0.00157$20,1660%Recently
83 IHTCoin IHTCoin IHT/ETH$0.0188$19,1420%Recently
84 Intelligent Investment Chain Intelligent Investment Chain IIC/ETH$0.000373$19,0280%Recently
85 Zeusshield Zeusshield ZSC/ETH$0.003209$18,1230%Recently
86 SEER SEER SEER/ETH$0.001159$17,0470%Recently
87 Befund Coin Befund Coin BFDT/ETH$0.000576$14,6910%2 Days Ago
88 WhiteCoin WhiteCoin XWC/ETH$0.0764$9,3910%Recently
89 Acute Angle Cloud Acute Angle Cloud AAC/QTUM$0.009017$9,0170%1 Days Ago
90 VeThor Token VeThor Token VTHO/ETH$0.000756$8,2670%Recently
91 DeepBrain Chain DeepBrain Chain DBC/ETH$0.006771$7,9700%Recently
92 WaykiChain WaykiChain WICC/ETH$0.2368$7,8150%Recently
93 Ink Ink INK/ETH$0.0185$6,8550%Recently
94 PlayCoin [ERC20] PlayCoin [ERC20] PLY/QTUM$0.1149$4,1540%Recently
95 POPCHAIN POPCHAIN PCH/USDT$0.004$3,1540%Recently
96 Commerce Data Connection Commerce Data Connection CDC/ETH$0.00002966$2,9660%Recently
97 Qbao Qbao QBT/QTUM$0.0412$2,7360%Recently
98 HeroNode HeroNode HER/ETH$0.002104$2,0810%Recently
* Price Excluded
** Volume Excluded - No Trading Fees
*** Price/Volume Excluded - Outlier Detected

Founded in October 2016, LBank is an innovative digital asset trading platform for global users.It aims at providing a professional asset management program. At present, LBank provides BTC exchange service with BCC, ETH, ZEC, QTUM, VEN and other digital asset exchange services, and the convertible currency will continue to increase.

LBank core team come from traditional financial industry, the top 500 IT information enterprise and well-known colleges and universities, including technical backbone from Wonder and other well-known enterprises, private investment advisors with rich trading experience, block chain technology researchers, and cryptography experts. The team is always committed to creating the most professional integrated service platform for digital assets, and protecting users' asset security and trading experience.

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