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IDAX is a global digital financial services platform focused on block chain asset trading, created by ​the global blockchain research center GBC (Global Blockchain Research Center).

 Active Markets
# NamePairPriceVolume(24H)Volume(%)Updated
1 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/USDT$10,674$597,274,23337.49%Recently
2 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/BTC$227$274,463,68717.23%Recently
3 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/USDT$227$227,747,15714.29%Recently
4 Litecoin Litecoin LTC/USDT$102$129,488,6358.13%Recently
5 Litecoin Litecoin LTC/BTC$102$112,579,6317.07%Recently
6 EOS EOS EOS/BTC$4.12$75,799,5094.76%Recently
7 Ripple Ripple XRP/USDT$0.3229$44,432,3342.79%Recently
8 Bitcoin Cash ABC Bitcoin Cash ABC BCHABC/BTC$316$39,548,7332.48%Recently
9 Tron Tron TRX/USDT$0.0258$17,645,2661.11%Recently
10 EOS EOS EOS/ETH$4.12$14,149,0970.89%Recently
11 Tron Tron TRX/ETH$0.0258$13,795,5520.87%Recently
12 Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic ETC/USDT$6.06$12,490,8260.78%Recently
13 Dash Dash DASH/BTC$111$10,109,8330.63%Recently
14 Bitcoin Cash SV [BSV] Bitcoin Cash SV [BSV] BSV/BTC$136$8,744,8420.55%Recently
15 Ripple Ripple XRP/ETH$0.323$4,930,5900.31%Recently
16 Alibabacoin Alibabacoin ABBC/BTC$0.1812$4,804,5620.3%2 Mins Ago
17 DIPNET DIPNET DPN/ETH$0.00075$381,1970.02%3 Mins Ago
18 EveryCoin EveryCoin EVY/ETH$0.000164$339,9070.02%3 Hours Ago
19 Flowchain Flowchain FLC/USDT$5.99$321,6490.02%Recently
20 Peerplays Peerplays PPY/BTC$0.3348$289,3100.02%3 Mins Ago
21 Aidos Kuneen Aidos Kuneen ADK/BTC$1.8$276,9900.02%Recently
22 RealTract RealTract RET/BTC$0.002562$249,2870.02%24 Mins Ago
23 APIS APIS APIS/BTC$0.001494$249,0100.02%15 Hours Ago
24 Dogecoin Dogecoin DOGE/USDT$0.003055$226,5740.01%5 Mins Ago
25 DIPNET DIPNET DPN/BTC$0.000747$181,1510.01%7 Hours Ago
26 RealTract RealTract RET/ETH$0.002426$171,9120.01%Recently
27 Aeron Aeron ARN/BTC$0.2568$151,2660.01%Recently
28 Uquid Coin Uquid Coin UQC/BTC$0.1177$142,1890.01%3 Hours Ago
29 Lina Lina LINA/USDT$0.085$134,5820.01%25 Mins Ago
30 Aencoin Aencoin AEN/ETH$0.0478$97,1450.01%1 Mins Ago
31 Aidos Kuneen Aidos Kuneen ADK/ETH$2.1$91,8910.01%17 Mins Ago
32 NEXTY NEXTY NTY/USDT$0.00001657$90,3020.01%33 Mins Ago
33 NaPoleonX NaPoleonX NPX/ETH$0.2815$79,1840%3 Mins Ago
34 M2O M2O M2O/ETH$0.000311$75,2330%Recently
35 NaPoleonX NaPoleonX NPX/BTC$0.2853$71,7360%Recently
36 OmiseGo OmiseGo OMG/BTC$1.54$70,6990%2 Mins Ago
37 MobileGo MobileGo MGO/BTC$0.0442$69,7950%40 Mins Ago
38 Aencoin Aencoin AEN/BTC$0.0464$69,1400%3 Mins Ago
39 Almeela Almeela KZE/USDT$0.06$68,3260%2 Hours Ago
40 Vexanium Vexanium VEX/BTC$0.0109$68,3150%40 Mins Ago
41 Vexanium Vexanium VEX/USDT$0.0101$62,2140%40 Mins Ago
42 Eternal Token Eternal Token XET/ETH$1.53$51,9740%24 Mins Ago
43 HyperQuant HyperQuant HQT/BTC$0.002775$51,5200%16 Hours Ago
44 Aeternity Aeternity AE/BTC$0.3085$49,4360%2 Mins Ago
45 FundToken FundToken FUNDZ/BTC$0.007045$48,6900%2 Hours Ago
46 Eternal Token Eternal Token XET/BTC$1.48$48,5710%25 Mins Ago
47 VINchain VINchain VIN/BTC$0.005657$47,6630%3 Hours Ago
48 Aeron Aeron ARN/ETH$0.2562$46,0230%2 Mins Ago
49 Phore Phore PHR/BTC$0.1831$45,4180%10 Mins Ago
50 Apollo Currency Apollo Currency APL/BTC$0.002669$44,2460%40 Mins Ago
51 ZatGo ZatGo ZAT/ETH$0.001141$43,3030%Recently
52 BaaSid BaaSid BAAS/BTC$0.000961$40,9520%20 Hours Ago
53 Apollo Currency Apollo Currency APL/ETH$0.002642$37,8000%Recently
54 Poseidon Chain Poseidon Chain PCCM/BTC$0.002669$37,4000%10 Hours Ago
55 Nuls Nuls NULS/USDT$0.5863$36,8220%Recently
56 Bankera Bankera BNK/BTC$0.002135$35,9650%14 Mins Ago
57 Vitae Vitae VITAE/BTC$0.949$35,6970%4 Mins Ago
58 FundToken FundToken FUNDZ/ETH$0.00915$33,8670%2 Hours Ago
59 OmiseGo OmiseGo OMG/ETH$1.55$32,2250%Recently
60 Nuls Nuls NULS/BTC$0.5838$29,8000%Recently
61 WITChain WITChain WIT/ETH$0.00002501$29,0770%16 Hours Ago
62 Devery Devery EVE/USDT$0.089$28,7390%14 Hours Ago
63 Storj Storj STORJ/BTC$0.1717$27,2790%Recently
64 Lightcoin Lightcoin LIGHT/ETH$0.00001819$26,5440%7 Hours Ago
65 BaaSid BaaSid BAAS/USDT$0.001289$25,6380%20 Hours Ago
66 TonArts Token TonArts Token TAT/ETH$0.000184$25,3940%Recently
67 Poseidon Chain Poseidon Chain PCCM/ETH$0.002546$25,3350%10 Hours Ago
68 Almeela Almeela KZE/ETH$0.0227$25,2820%2 Hours Ago
69 VINchain VINchain VIN/ETH$0.005683$23,2490%1 Hours Ago
70 Lightcoin Lightcoin LIGHT/USDT$0.000017$21,8720%7 Hours Ago
71 WaykiChain WaykiChain WICC/USDT$0.169$21,7440%Recently
72 FintruX Network FintruX Network FTX/ETH$0.001537$20,9190%2 Hours Ago
73 Simple Token Simple Token OST/BTC$0.0137$16,2800%4 Mins Ago
74 Nuls Nuls NULS/ETH$0.5822$11,7420%2 Mins Ago
75 Tron Tron TRX/BTC$0.0258$10,9250%Recently
76 Aeternity Aeternity AE/ETH$0.3083$9,5330%2 Mins Ago
77 Status Status SNT/BTC$0.0203$6,8740%1 Mins Ago
78 ZatGo ZatGo ZAT/BTC$0.001174$6,2930%4 Hours Ago
79 Internet of Services Internet of Services IOST/BTC$0.007365$5,7930%5 Mins Ago
80 RealTract RealTract RET/USDT$0.0026$5,6950%8 Hours Ago
81 Energo Energo TSL/BTC$0.002135$3,6420%1 Mins Ago
82 New Retail Coin New Retail Coin NRC/ETH$0.002062$3,4290%40 Mins Ago
83 Storj Storj STORJ/ETH$0.1732$2,3560%Recently
84 Status Status SNT/ETH$0.0201$2,1930%3 Mins Ago
85 EveryCoin EveryCoin EVY/BTC$0.000213$8310%8 Hours Ago
86 Dropil Dropil DROP/BTC$0.00032$7450%8 Hours Ago
87 GBCGoldCoin GBCGoldCoin GBC/BTC$0.004163$2790%40 Mins Ago
88 WITChain WITChain WIT/BTC$0.000107$1190%22 Hours Ago
89 TonArts Token TonArts Token TAT/BTC$0.000213$990%8 Hours Ago
90 Karma Karma KRM/USDT$0.0006$850%17 Hours Ago
91 NIX NIX NIX/BTC$0.1078$390%3 Hours Ago
92 ABitchain ABitchain ABTC/BTC$0.0801$280%13 Hours Ago
93 ABitchain ABitchain ABTC/ETH$0.0887$270%21 Hours Ago
94 M2O M2O M2O/BTC$0.00032$150%4 Hours Ago
95 GBCGoldCoin GBCGoldCoin GBC/ETH$0.1291$30%4 Hours Ago
96 MediBit MediBit MEDIBIT/ETH$0.00000682$00%5 Hours Ago
97 WeToken WeToken WT/ETH?$?0%11 Hours Ago
98 BingoCoin BingoCoin BOC/ETH?$?0%2 Days Ago
99 EventChain EventChain EVC/BTC?$?0%11 Hours Ago
100 EventChain EventChain EVC/ETH?$?0%10 Hours Ago
101 FintruX Network FintruX Network FTX/BTC?$?0%1 Days Ago
102 Master Contract Token Master Contract Token MCT/ETH?$?0%1 Days Ago
103 New Retail Coin New Retail Coin NRC/BTC?$?0%15 Hours Ago
104 Quant Quant QNT/BTC?$?0%14 Hours Ago
105 Quant Quant QNT/ETH?$?0%2 Days Ago
106 UChain UChain UCN/ETH?$?0%1 Days Ago
107 Vice Industry Token Vice Industry Token VIT/BTC?$?0%18 Hours Ago
108 Vice Industry Token Vice Industry Token VIT/ETH?$?0%15 Hours Ago
109 Dropil Dropil DROP/ETH?$?0%9 Hours Ago
110 UChain UChain UCN/USDT?$?0%1 Days Ago
* Price Excluded
** Volume Excluded - No Trading Fees
*** Price/Volume Excluded - Outlier Detected

IDAX is a global digital financial services platform focused on block chain asset trading, created by the global blockchain research center GBC (Global Blockchain Research Center). The platform brings together global high-quality block chain assets, provides users with more secure and convenient exchange services for blockchain assets, and strives to build an international block chain asset trading platform in the era of decentralization. The platform supports multiple currencies (BTC, ETC, LTC, ETC.), multi-language application. At the same time, it has multi-layer and multi-cluster system architecture to guarantee the security and stability of the platform, up to 2 million transaction per second super computing matchmaking engines provide technical support for a convenient and smooth trading experience. It provides rich resources integration and multi-dimensional cross-boundary strategic cooperation, accelerate the IDAX platform innovation development process, and promotes the development of international finance technology.

IDAX platform has the top block chain technology research and development and operations team, with years of experience in financial security risk control management, constantly improves the end-to-end security protection measures, improves the audit process, constantly optimizes and reduces the infrastructure "attack", to protect the safety of funds and user information.

The vast majority of system funds are stored in the offline cold wallet, and the information transmission and data signature process is encrypted and optimized. Artificial audit and system audit are conducted at the same time. Multi-layer insurance ensures the safety of the user's money. Only about 0.5 percent of the encrypted assets are stored in hot wallets for platforms' everyday operation. The database of the platform will also be backed up, encrypted, and compressed once a day. When the new backup is ready (database, log file, etc.), it will be sent to other servers in multiple locations. Based on the operation philosophy of "safe, smooth, stable and fine", it has built the most high-quality digital asset trading platform at the era of block chain globalization.

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