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 Active Markets
# NamePairPriceVolume(24H)Volume(%)Updated
1 ThoreCoin ThoreCoin THR/BTC$1,447$172,93233.01%2 Mins Ago
2 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/BUSD$7,654$48,9869.35%24 Mins Ago
3 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/TUSD$151$37,2467.11%Recently
4 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/PAX$151$32,6356.23%4 Mins Ago
5 USD//Coin USD//Coin USDC/USD$1.01$32,3256.17%1 Hours Ago
6 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/USDS$7,776$25,2674.82%3 Mins Ago
7 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/EUR$7,726$18,2463.48%Recently
8 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/USDT$149$14,0982.69%6 Mins Ago
9 Litecoin Litecoin LTC/BTC$46.12$11,3112.16%2 Mins Ago
10 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/RUB$7,724$9,8091.87%1 Mins Ago
11 Nasdacoin Nasdacoin NSD/BTC$0.054$9,6601.84%3 Mins Ago
12 Dogecoin Dogecoin DOGE/BTC$0.002218$8,7611.67%2 Mins Ago
13 SafeInsure SafeInsure SINS/BTC$0.0696$8,6161.64%Recently
14 Tiger Cash Tiger Cash TCH/BTC?$8,2321.57%7 Mins Ago
15 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/BTC$150$8,1241.55%Recently
16 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/USDC$150$8,0901.54%5 Mins Ago
17 Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic ETC/ETH$3.93$6,5611.25%Recently
18 Bitcoin Green Bitcoin Green BITG/BTC$0.1186$5,2831.01%3 Mins Ago
19 StableUSD StableUSD USDS/USD$1.01$4,8190.92%10 Mins Ago
20 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/TUSD$7,679$4,8090.92%27 Mins Ago
21 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/USDC$7,651$4,7860.91%22 Mins Ago
22 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/USD$7,623$3,5590.68%2 Mins Ago
23 Wagerr Wagerr WGR/BTC$0.0427$3,5510.68%1 Hours Ago
24 Tether Tether USDT/RUB$1.01$2,2920.44%6 Mins Ago
25 Ripple Ripple XRP/BTC$0.2282$1,7080.33%Recently
26 WINCOIN WINCOIN WC/BTC$0.0175$1,6680.32%5 Hours Ago
27 Polis Polis POLIS/BTC$1.41$1,6310.31%21 Mins Ago
28 Divi Divi DIVI/BTC$0.0137$1,6290.31%17 Mins Ago
29 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/USDT$7,879$1,4810.28%15 Mins Ago
30 SmARTOFGIVING SmARTOFGIVING AOG/BTC$0.001677$1,4510.28%8 Hours Ago
31 PAXEX PAXEX PAXEX/BTC$0.000839$1,4080.27%6 Mins Ago
32 Wixlar Wixlar WIX/BTC$0.002744$1,3820.26%4 Hours Ago
33 Bitcoin Token Bitcoin Token BTK/BTC$0.006403$1,3280.25%26 Mins Ago
34 Brickblock Brickblock BBK/BTC$0.000839$1,2540.24%11 Mins Ago
35 Phore Phore PHR/BTC$0.0723$1,2530.24%1 Hours Ago
36 BitcoinZ BitcoinZ BTCZ/BTC$0.00013$1,2360.24%2 Mins Ago
37 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/PAX$7,565$1,1580.22%15 Mins Ago
38 Zero Zero ZER/BTC$0.093$9910.19%5 Mins Ago
39 Verge Verge XVG/BTC$0.004574$9080.17%11 Mins Ago
40 Peony Peony PNY/BTC$0.0135$8220.16%3 Mins Ago
41 ZCore ZCore ZCR/BTC$0.0387$7910.15%28 Mins Ago
42 Tron Tron TRX/BTC$0.0149$7450.14%9 Mins Ago
43 Teloscoin Teloscoin TELOS/BTC$0.007013$6610.13%15 Mins Ago
44 Penguin Coin Penguin Coin PENG/BTC$0.00001525$6520.12%41 Mins Ago
45 Zcash Zcash ZEC/BTC$30.26$6010.11%Recently
46 OPCoinX OPCoinX OPCX/BTC$0.000229$5720.11%2 Hours Ago
47 Waves Waves WAVES/BTC$0.5885$5160.1%2 Mins Ago
48 Bitcoin Incognito Bitcoin Incognito XBI/BTC$0.0182$4980.1%39 Mins Ago
49 PlatinumBAR PlatinumBAR XPTX/BTC$0.0122$4810.09%17 Mins Ago
50 BitTorrent BitTorrent BTT/BTC$0.000317$3740.07%2 Mins Ago
51 VegaWallet Token VegaWallet Token VGW/BTC$0.0821$3360.06%7 Hours Ago
52 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash BCH/BTC$227$3330.06%4 Mins Ago
53 MMOCoin MMOCoin MMO/BTC$0.005184$3170.06%7 Mins Ago
54 Bytecoin Bytecoin BCN/BTC$0.00032$2710.05%7 Mins Ago
55 Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic ETC/BTC$3.93$2670.05%27 Mins Ago
56 Litecoin Litecoin LTC/ETH$46.84$2560.05%19 Mins Ago
57 Innova Innova INN/BTC$0.006708$2550.05%7 Mins Ago
58 Electra Electra ECA/BTC$0.000213$2300.04%5 Mins Ago
59 Printerium Printerium PRX/BTC$0.000457$2190.04%3 Mins Ago
60 TrueUSD TrueUSD TUSD/USD$1.01$2150.04%39 Mins Ago
61 Tron Tron TRX/ETH$0.0147$2000.04%3 Hours Ago
62 Bitcoin Adult Bitcoin Adult BTAD/BTC$0.000305$1870.04%4 Hours Ago
63 Litecoin Plus Litecoin Plus LCP/BTC$0.0173$1710.03%51 Mins Ago
64 Tether Tether USDT/USD$1.01$1380.03%25 Mins Ago
65 Blocktix Blocktix TIX/BTC$0.004574$1350.03%2 Hours Ago
66 Dash Dash DASH/BTC$52.37$1330.03%16 Mins Ago
67 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/JPY$7,425$1250.02%2 Hours Ago
68 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/USD$151$1140.02%33 Mins Ago
69 Bitcore Bitcore BTX/BTC$0.1525$1060.02%35 Mins Ago
70 Bitcoin Zero Bitcoin Zero BZX/BTC$0.00183$1040.02%5 Mins Ago
71 DigiByte DigiByte DGB/BTC$0.00648$980.02%34 Mins Ago
72 STRAKS STRAKS STAK/BTC$0.001677$970.02%57 Mins Ago
73 Diamond Diamond DMD/BTC$0.3209$940.02%46 Mins Ago
74 Stratis Stratis STRAT/BTC$0.2904$920.02%1 Hours Ago
75 ZCoin ZCoin XZC/BTC$3.54$910.02%2 Hours Ago
76 BitTube BitTube TUBE/BTC$0.008004$850.02%2 Hours Ago
77 PiplCoin PiplCoin PIPL/BTC$0.003735$830.02%3 Hours Ago
78 Fivebalance Fivebalance FBN/BTC$0.00007623$810.02%41 Mins Ago
79 Rapids Rapids RPD/BTC$0.00007623$800.02%35 Mins Ago
80 Digiwage Digiwage WAGE/BTC$0.000381$760.01%1 Hours Ago
81 YENTEN YENTEN YTN/BTC$0.001143$740.01%24 Mins Ago
82 NAV Coin NAV Coin NAV/BTC$0.1029$680.01%28 Mins Ago
83 Crypto Bullion Crypto Bullion CBX/BTC$0.058$640.01%6 Hours Ago
84 VoteCoin VoteCoin VOT/BTC$0.00122$630.01%11 Mins Ago
85 PIVX PIVX PIVX/BTC$0.2192$630.01%1 Hours Ago
86 DeepOnion DeepOnion ONION/BTC$0.1512$600.01%26 Mins Ago
87 Dogecoin Dogecoin DOGE/ETH$0.00226$580.01%42 Mins Ago
88 GameCredits GameCredits GAME/BTC$0.0314$560.01%20 Mins Ago
89 Enigma Enigma ENG/BTC$0.5336$540.01%50 Mins Ago
90 Basic Attention Token Basic Attention Token BAT/BTC$0.1906$450.01%38 Mins Ago
91 Karbo Karbo KRB/BTC$0.062$440.01%2 Mins Ago
92 Dero Dero DERO/BTC$0.3316$390.01%1 Hours Ago
93 Vulcano Vulcano VULC/BTC$0.000686$370.01%26 Mins Ago
94 APR Coin APR Coin APR/BTC$0.003507$370.01%1 Hours Ago
95 Monero Monero XMR/BTC$55.34$340.01%1 Hours Ago
96 BitcoiNote BitcoiNote BTCN/BTC$0.002744$340.01%3 Hours Ago
97 BitShares BitShares BTS/BTC$0.0207$320.01%45 Mins Ago
98 PROUD Money PROUD Money PROUD/BTC$0.001677$320.01%2 Hours Ago
99 Paxos Standard Token Paxos Standard Token PAX/USD$1.01$300.01%5 Hours Ago
100 Everipedia Everipedia IQ/BTC$0.002668$300.01%5 Mins Ago
101 Bitradio Bitradio BRO/BTC$0.00869$290.01%13 Mins Ago
102 PrimeStone PrimeStone PSC/BTC$0.001601$280.01%54 Mins Ago
103 BitMoney BitMoney BIT/BTC$0.00007623$270.01%1 Mins Ago
104 MODEL-X-coin MODEL-X-coin MODX/BTC$0.003735$260.01%52 Mins Ago
105 Bitcoin Plus Bitcoin Plus XBC/BTC$3.89$260%2 Mins Ago
106 Nasdacoin Nasdacoin NSD/ETH$0.0491$260%2 Hours Ago
107 PROUD Money PROUD Money PROUD/JPY$0.0017$250%2 Hours Ago
108 BCD BCD BCD/BTC$0.3865$240%43 Mins Ago
109 NEM NEM XEM/BTC$0.0356$220%3 Hours Ago
110 ReddCoin ReddCoin RDD/BTC$0.00061$220%1 Mins Ago
111 0x 0x ZRX/BTC$0.2429$220%45 Mins Ago
112 Monero Monero XMR/ETH$55.01$190%3 Hours Ago
113 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/RUB$141$190%16 Mins Ago
114 Nyerium Nyerium NYEX/BTC$0.000152$160%5 Hours Ago
115 Komodo Komodo KMD/BTC$0.6541$150%32 Mins Ago
116 DomRaider DomRaider DRT/BTC$0.001067$140%3 Mins Ago
117 Cheesecoin Cheesecoin CHEESE/BTC$0.00006098$140%17 Mins Ago
118 BLAST BLAST BLAST/BTC$0.000839$120%26 Mins Ago
119 Value Chain Value Chain VLC/BTC$0.000305$120%8 Mins Ago
120 Qtum Qtum QTUM/BTC$1.98$120%2 Hours Ago
121 EUNO EUNO EUNO/BTC$0.006175$120%11 Mins Ago
122 Ripple Ripple XRP/ETH$0.2256$120%3 Hours Ago
123 Ragnarok Ragnarok RAGNA/BTC$0.000229$110%15 Mins Ago
124 BBSCoin BBSCoin BBS/BTC$7.62E-07$110%2 Mins Ago
125 Aeron Aeron ARN/BTC$0.1586$100%2 Hours Ago
126 Bitcoin Gold Bitcoin Gold BTG/BTC$6.16$90%1 Hours Ago
127 BZLCOIN BZLCOIN BZL/BTC$0.005336$90%8 Mins Ago
128 Iridium Iridium IRD/BTC$0.001601$90%12 Mins Ago
129 Commercium Commercium CMM/BTC$0.002439$90%11 Mins Ago
130 Bitcloud Bitcloud BTDX/BTC$0.000534$90%9 Hours Ago
131 QYNO QYNO QNO/BTC$0.000305$90%3 Hours Ago
132 Golem Golem GNT/BTC$0.0364$80%14 Hours Ago
133 PopularCoin PopularCoin POP/BTC$0.00007623$80%1 Hours Ago
134 Dimecoin Dimecoin DIME/BTC$0.00000152$80%14 Mins Ago
135 WXCOINS WXCOINS WXC/BTC$0.00869$70%51 Mins Ago
136 Teloscoin Teloscoin TELOS/RUB$0.005407$70%8 Hours Ago
137 PRiVCY PRiVCY PRIV/BTC$0.002439$60%26 Mins Ago
138 Bulleon Bulleon BUL/BTC$0.0103$60%21 Mins Ago
139 OWNDATA OWNDATA OWN/BTC$0.00006784$60%10 Hours Ago
140 Universe Universe UNI/BTC$0.00122$50%3 Hours Ago
141 Augur Augur REP/BTC$10.92$50%30 Mins Ago
142 Gemini Dollar Gemini Dollar GUSD/BTC$0.8995$50%13 Hours Ago
143 RPICoin RPICoin RPI/BTC$0.00002287$50%2 Hours Ago
144 StrongHands StrongHands SHND/JPY$0.00003374$50%5 Mins Ago
145 Decentralized Asset Trading Platform Decentralized Asset Trading Platform DATP/BTC$7.62E-07$50%1 Hours Ago
146 Flashcoin Flashcoin FLASH/BTC$0.002592$40%16 Mins Ago
147 EuropeCoin EuropeCoin ERC/BTC$0.0255$40%1 Hours Ago
148 Knekted Knekted KNT/BTC$0.00002287$40%1 Hours Ago
149 Ethereum Meta Ethereum Meta ETHM/BTC$0.00006861$40%3 Hours Ago
150 Helium Helium HLM/BTC$0.0137$30%2 Hours Ago
151 Flashcoin Flashcoin FLASH/EUR$0.002624$30%2 Hours Ago
152 Feathercoin Feathercoin FTC/BTC$0.0107$30%Recently
153 Masari Masari MSR/BTC$0.1967$30%3 Hours Ago
154 Niobio Cash Niobio Cash NBR/BTC$0.000457$30%7 Mins Ago
156 Decentralized Asset Trading Platform Decentralized Asset Trading Platform DATP/ETH$5.89E-07$30%3 Hours Ago
157 Actinium Actinium ACM/BTC$0.056$20%6 Hours Ago
158 OKCash OKCash OK/BTC$0.0203$20%6 Mins Ago
159 MNPCoin MNPCoin MNP/BTC$0.003507$20%15 Hours Ago
160 Knekted Knekted KNT/ETH$0.00001963$20%37 Mins Ago
161 Micromines Micromines MICRO/ETH$4.03E-07$20%2 Hours Ago
162 Zoomba Zoomba ZBA/BTC$0.00007623$20%2 Hours Ago
163 Castle Castle CSTL/BTC$0.003202$20%3 Hours Ago
164 Lightpaycoin Lightpaycoin LPC/BTC$0.000839$20%2 Hours Ago
165 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/EUR$151$20%23 Hours Ago
166 Social Lending Token Social Lending Token SLT/BTC$0.007318$10%3 Hours Ago
167 EuropeCoin EuropeCoin ERC/EUR$0.0266$10%9 Hours Ago
168 BitSend BitSend BSD/BTC$0.002668$10%36 Mins Ago
169 ZeusNetwork ZeusNetwork ZEUS/BTC$7.62E-08$10%2 Hours Ago
170 INDINODE INDINODE XIND/BTC$0.00000762$10%51 Mins Ago
171 Eligma Token Eligma Token ELI/BTC$0.000686$10%11 Mins Ago
172 Waves Waves WAVES/ETH$0.5664$10%2 Hours Ago
173 Bitcoin Private Bitcoin Private BTCP/BTC$1.17$10%14 Hours Ago
174 GIGA GIGA XG/BTC$0.00007623$10%17 Hours Ago
175 Radium Radium RADS/BTC$0.478$10%11 Hours Ago
176 MonaCoin MonaCoin MONA/BTC$0.7929$10%1 Hours Ago
177 BIN BIN BIN/BTC$0.000686$10%5 Hours Ago
178 PopularCoin PopularCoin POP/ETH$0.00001963$10%2 Mins Ago
179 PutinCoin PutinCoin PUT/BTC$0.00007623$10%5 Hours Ago
180 OmiseGo OmiseGo OMG/BTC$0.6937$10%19 Hours Ago
181 Phonecoin Phonecoin PHON/BTC$0.00007623$10%14 Hours Ago
182 Community Generation Community Generation CGEN/BTC$0.00007623$10%10 Hours Ago
183 Fire Lotto Fire Lotto FLOT/BTC$0.002058$10%49 Mins Ago
184 Digital Money Bits Digital Money Bits DMB/BTC$0.000152$10%3 Hours Ago
185 BC/BTC$0.001906$00%3 Hours Ago
186 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash BCH/ETH$240$00%18 Hours Ago
187 Beetle Coin Beetle Coin BEET/BTC$0.004955$00%5 Hours Ago
188 GCoin GCoin GCN/BTC$3.05E-07$00%2 Hours Ago
189 Citadel Citadel CTL/BTC$0.000534$00%2 Hours Ago
190 PluraCoin PluraCoin PLURA/BTC$0.00007623$00%14 Hours Ago
191 PRiVCY PRiVCY PRIV/JPY$0.002367$00%34 Mins Ago
192 StrongHands StrongHands SHND/BTC$0.00007623$00%1 Hours Ago
193 Wild Crypto Wild Crypto WILD/BTC$0.00061$00%10 Hours Ago
194 BCD BCD BCD/USD$0.84$00%2 Hours Ago
195 Webcoin Webcoin WEB/ETH$0.001194$00%3 Hours Ago
196 HondaisCoin HondaisCoin HNDC/BTC$0.00000762$00%4 Hours Ago
197 VIP Tokens VIP Tokens VIP/BTC$0.00007623$00%5 Hours Ago
198 ToaCoin ToaCoin TOA/BTC$0.00007623$00%17 Hours Ago
199 CryptoFlow CryptoFlow CFL/BTC$0.00007623$00%17 Hours Ago
200 CyberMusic CyberMusic CYMT/BTC$0.00007623$00%16 Hours Ago
201 Ordocoin Ordocoin RDC/BTC$0.00000762$00%19 Hours Ago
202 Cabbage Cabbage CAB/BTC$0.00007623$00%18 Hours Ago
203 Gravity Gravity GZRO/BTC$0.00007623$00%18 Hours Ago
204 iDealCash iDealCash DEAL/BTC$0.00007623$00%14 Hours Ago
205 AIAScoin AIAScoin AIAS/BTC$0.000686$00%32 Mins Ago
206 Centurion Centurion CNT/BTC$0.000152$00%2 Hours Ago
207 BoostCoin BoostCoin BOST/BTC$0.001753$00%13 Hours Ago
208 GeyserCoin GeyserCoin GSR/BTC$0.008843$00%3 Hours Ago
209 BuzzCoin BuzzCoin BUZZ/BTC$0.00000762$00%10 Mins Ago
210 UralsCoin UralsCoin URALS/BTC$0.000152$00%28 Mins Ago
211 Traid Traid TRAID/BTC$0.00007623$00%5 Hours Ago
212 Spectrecoin Spectrecoin XSPEC/BTC$0.0816$00%13 Hours Ago
213 HollyWoodCoin HollyWoodCoin HWC/BTC$0.000152$00%6 Hours Ago
214 Flashcoin Flashcoin FLASH/JPY$0.003329$00%2 Hours Ago
215 SteepCoin SteepCoin STEEP/BTC$0.000152$00%29 Mins Ago
216 Micromines Micromines MICRO/BTC$2.29E-07$00%2 Hours Ago
217 NEXT/BTC$0.4574$00%3 Hours Ago
218 Zcash Zcash ZEC/ETH$31.41$00%10 Hours Ago
219 Valuto Valuto VLU/BTC$0.000229$00%17 Mins Ago
220 Walton Walton WTC/BTC$0.5275$00%3 Hours Ago
221 Freicoin Freicoin FRC/BTC$0.0508$00%20 Hours Ago
222 Knekted Knekted KNT/USD$0.00002129$00%2 Mins Ago
223 Emercoin Emercoin EMC/BTC$0.0656$00%6 Hours Ago
224 Valuto Valuto VLU/USD$0.00031$00%28 Mins Ago
225 OKCash OKCash OK/USD$0.0235$00%6 Hours Ago
226 Knekted Knekted KNT/EUR$0.00002283$00%1 Hours Ago
227 PopularCoin PopularCoin POP/EUR$0.00002131$00%2 Mins Ago
228 Flashcoin Flashcoin FLASH/USD$0.002591$00%2 Hours Ago
229 Valuto Valuto VLU/ETH$0.00027$00%2 Hours Ago
230 STRAKS STRAKS STAK/USD$0.00077$00%2 Hours Ago
231 Valuto Valuto VLU/RUB$0.000324$00%19 Mins Ago
232 Knekted Knekted KNT/JPY$0.00002024$00%56 Mins Ago
233 BitSend BitSend BSD/EUR$0.006748$00%2 Hours Ago
234 Agricultural ecological chain Agricultural ecological chain CNMC/BTC$0.000534$00%4 Hours Ago
235 PROUD Money PROUD Money PROUD/USD$0.001998$00%17 Hours Ago
236 MonacoCoin MonacoCoin XMCC/BTC$0.000839$00%1 Hours Ago
237 UralsCoin UralsCoin URALS/USD$0.00024$00%2 Hours Ago
238 Knekted Knekted KNT/RUB$0.00002095$00%53 Mins Ago
239 PopularCoin PopularCoin POP/USD$0.0001$00%30 Mins Ago
240 Crown Crown CRW/BTC$0.0399$00%1 Hours Ago
241 UralsCoin UralsCoin URALS/RUB$0.00024$00%7 Hours Ago
242 Rupee Rupee RUP/BTC$0.001448$00%1 Hours Ago
243 Nucleus Vision Nucleus Vision NCASH/BTC$0.001067$00%49 Mins Ago
244 Alpa Coin Alpa Coin APC/ETH$0.000193$00%3 Hours Ago
245 SXDT SXDT SXDT/BTC$0.1372$00%19 Hours Ago
246 Bloom Bloom BLT/BTC$0.000152$00%23 Hours Ago
247 Zero Zero ZER/USD$0.1$00%45 Mins Ago
248 Vites Vites VITES/BTC$0.00007623$00%8 Hours Ago
249 EUNOMIA EUNOMIA ENTS/BTC$0.00000152$00%33 Mins Ago
250 Community Generation Community Generation CGEN/ETH$0.00000151$00%5 Mins Ago
251 OKCash OKCash OK/ETH?$?0%10 Hours Ago
252 Absolute Absolute ABS/BTC?$?0%3 Hours Ago
253 Aegeus Aegeus AEG/BTC?$?0%1 Days Ago
254 Alpa Coin Alpa Coin APC/BTC?$?0%3 Hours Ago
255 BitBoost BitBoost BBT/BTC?$?0%1 Days Ago
256 Bancor Bancor BNT/BTC?$?0%1 Hours Ago
257 Centaure Centaure CEN/BTC?$?0%17 Hours Ago
258 CryptoFlow CryptoFlow CFL/USD?$?0%2 Days Ago
259 DAI DAI DAI/USD?$?0%10 Hours Ago
260 Dreamcoin Dreamcoin DRM/BTC?$?0%11 Hours Ago
261 Gifto Gifto GTO/BTC?$?0%1 Days Ago
262 Italian Lira Italian Lira ITL/BTC?$?0%3 Hours Ago
263 KekCoin KekCoin KEK/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
264 Mirai Mirai MRI/BTC?$?0%2 Hours Ago
265 Rupee Rupee RUP/USD?$?0%4 Hours Ago
266 SaveNode SaveNode SNO/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
267 Status Status SNT/BTC?$?0%1 Days Ago
268 TrueDeck TrueDeck TDP/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
269 Veros Veros VRS/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
270 vSlice vSlice VSL/BTC?$?0%2 Hours Ago
271 vSlice vSlice VSL/USD?$?0%21 Hours Ago
272 Webcoin Webcoin WEB/BTC?$?0%4 Hours Ago
273 Cashcoin Cashcoin CASH/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
274 Community Generation Community Generation CGEN/USD?$?0%19 Hours Ago
275 Escroco Emerald Escroco Emerald ESCE/BTC?$?0%19 Hours Ago
276 Kalkulus Kalkulus KLKS/BTC?$?0%21 Hours Ago
277 PRiVCY PRiVCY PRIV/ETH?$?0%35 Mins Ago
278 PRiVCY PRiVCY PRIV/RUB?$?0%10 Hours Ago
279 Tether Tether USDT/EUR?$?0%2 Days Ago
280 Wagerr Wagerr WGR/USDC?$?0%19 Hours Ago
281 Wild Crypto Wild Crypto WILD/ETH?$?0%10 Hours Ago
282 Flashcoin Flashcoin FLASH/RUB?$?0%3 Hours Ago
283 Teloscoin Teloscoin TELOS/ETH?$?0%2 Days Ago
284 Teloscoin Teloscoin TELOS/EUR?$?0%3 Hours Ago
285 Teloscoin Teloscoin TELOS/USD?$?0%23 Hours Ago
* Price Excluded
** Volume Excluded - No Trading Fees
*** Price/Volume Excluded - Outlier Detected

Our young and enthusiastic team has been working on the project since 2017. We have a good understanding of digital currency trading and know the needs of our customers. A trader must have a wide choice of assets for trading, therefore we offer not only popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, NEM and others), but also rare ones. Our list of trading pairs is constantly growing. We are always open to collaborating with cryptocurrency owners.

Our interface is simple and straightforward for both experienced traders and beginners. Our API has all the required documentation. Our exchange rate chart allows you to perform accurate and rapid analysis of the current situation on the exchange market. We value data protection and keep our customers' personal data and funds secure.

We set our commission low so that traders can profit as much as possible. We pay the market makers a rebate (extra remuneration), and do not limit deposits and withdrawals. To make a deposit and withdraw money, you can use both cryptocurrency and fiat currencies, even when using a bank card.

Our Customer Support Team works 24/7 and can speak in English and Russian.

We believe that cryptocurrency trading is one of the most profitable and promising areas of exchange trading: in 2017, the cryptocurrency market grew severalfold, and continues to do so now.

CREX24 is a modern cryptocurrency exchange with great potential.

CREX24 is owned by:
Grandworld Product Ltd.
Reg. address: 8 Global Gateway, Rue de la Perle, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles

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