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Volume (24H): $307,488,504 ≈28,906 BTC Rank 24
Country Hong Kong Pairs 86 Website is a global digital asset trading platform set up by Chinese state-owned enterprises in Hong Kong. It is mainly aimed at providing global users with trading services for digital assets such as ETH and HSR.

 Active Markets
# NamePairPriceVolume(24H)Volume(%)Updated
1 HyperCash HyperCash HC/CNYT$3.03$95,022,74630.81%Recently
2 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/CNYT$10,986$46,208,17714.98%Recently
3 BCD BCD BCD/CNYT$0.8168$19,864,1776.44%Recently
4 Qtum Qtum QTUM/CNYT$3.17$15,334,5624.97%Recently
5 Ravencoin Ravencoin RVN/CNYT$0.0443$8,610,0912.79%1 Mins Ago
6 Decentraland Decentraland MANA/CNYT$0.0416$8,257,2552.68%Recently
7 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/USDT$10,484$8,237,8152.67%Recently
8 Binance Coin Binance Coin BNB/CNYT$29.78$7,572,4192.46%Recently
9 ELF ELF ELF/CNYT$0.1277$6,775,0502.2%Recently
10 HyperCash HyperCash HC/USDT$2.92$6,356,1782.06%Recently
11 Enjin Coin Enjin Coin ENJ/CNYT$0.0913$5,850,2081.9%Recently
12 CAM CAM CAM/CNYT$0.0505$5,809,1761.88%Recently
13 EOS EOS EOS/CNYT$4.21$5,429,8181.76%Recently
14 Dogecoin Dogecoin DOGE/CNYT$0.003034$5,114,8991.66%Recently
15 Huobi Token Huobi Token HT/CNYT$4.16$4,799,5881.56%Recently
16 Qtum Qtum QTUM/USDT$3.06$4,568,0481.48%Recently
17 Cardano Cardano ADA/CNYT$0.0598$3,937,3001.28%Recently
18 Hyperpay Hyperpay HPY/CNYT$0.002288$3,904,5691.27%Recently
19 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/CNYT$230$3,874,4461.26%Recently
20 Bitcoin Cash ABC Bitcoin Cash ABC BCHABC/CNYT$319$3,871,3921.26%Recently
21 EOS EOS EOS/USDT$4.05$2,948,8160.96%Recently
22 Zcash Zcash ZEC/CNYT$79.49$2,916,9680.95%Recently
23 Tron Tron TRX/USDT$0.0252$2,207,8820.72%Recently
24 Litecoin Litecoin LTC/CNYT$103$1,994,3760.65%Recently
25 Leekcoin Leekcoin LEEK/CNYT$0.0131$1,715,2540.56%Recently
26 Litecoin Litecoin LTC/USDT$98.04$1,561,4270.51%Recently
27 Dash Dash DASH/CNYT$113$1,558,3790.51%Recently
28 OmiseGo OmiseGo OMG/CNYT$1.53$1,486,0090.48%Recently
29 Streamr Streamr DATA/CNYT$0.0151$1,277,9750.41%Recently
30 EKT EKT EKT/CNYT$0.1047$1,271,9330.41%Recently
31 Ripple Ripple XRP/CNYT$0.331$1,266,2950.41%Recently
32 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/USDT$222$1,192,0870.39%Recently
33 Tether Tether USDT/CNYT$1.04$1,078,5050.35%Recently
34 Oneroot Oneroot RNT/CNYT$0.0301$1,047,4490.34%Recently
35 Dash Dash DASH/USDT$108$998,8640.32%Recently
36 WaykiChain WaykiChain WICC/CNYT$0.1494$958,3870.31%Recently
37 Ontology Ontology ONT/CNYT$0.9509$919,3760.3%1 Mins Ago
38 Kyber Network Kyber Network KNC/CNYT$0.1725$873,5400.28%Recently
39 Moac Moac MOAC/CNYT$0.5531$850,5740.28%Recently
40 Status Status SNT/CNYT$0.0203$758,4060.25%Recently
41 DEW DEW DEW/CNYT$0.1173$687,4620.22%Recently
42 Ontology Gas Ontology Gas ONG/CNYT$0.2267$660,8510.21%Recently
43 Cardano Cardano ADA/USDT$0.0577$646,1650.21%Recently
44 Bitcoin Cash ABC Bitcoin Cash ABC BCHABC/USDT$311$611,0480.2%Recently
45 Tierion Tierion TNT/CNYT$0.0376$607,1490.2%Recently
46 Tron Tron TRX/CNYT$0.0262$567,5330.18%Recently
47 Monero Monero XMR/CNYT$84.72$560,9030.18%Recently
48 VeChain VeChain VET/CNYT$0.005791$509,4790.17%Recently
49 Coins Coins COINS/CNYT$0.4169$475,4110.15%1 Mins Ago
50 Aeternity Aeternity AE/CNYT$0.314$455,8250.15%Recently
51 VeChain VeChain VET/USDT$0.005548$433,6230.14%Recently
52 Electronic PK Chain Electronic PK Chain EPC/CNYT$0.003246$391,7160.13%Recently
53 Tripio Tripio TRIO/CNYT$0.002524$369,2980.12%Recently
54 Ripple Ripple XRP/USDT$0.3173$343,9990.11%Recently
55 ChatCoin ChatCoin CHAT/CNYT$0.003573$337,9200.11%Recently
56 Storj Storj STORJ/CNYT$0.1529$316,0310.1%Recently
57 Decred Decred DCR/USDT$28.29$208,1640.07%Recently
58 Fetch Fetch FET/CNYT$0.1029$181,5520.06%Recently
59 MTC Mesh network MTC Mesh network MTC/CNYT$0.002405$181,5030.06%Recently
60 Monero Monero XMR/USDT$83.07$165,9260.05%Recently
61 Ontology Ontology ONT/USDT$0.9354$161,9700.05%Recently
62 VeThor Token VeThor Token VTHO/CNYT$0.000744$161,1400.05%Recently
63 Content Value Network Content Value Network CVNT/CNYT$0.0175$149,2080.05%Recently
64 IHTCoin IHTCoin IHT/CNYT$0.007869$123,5780.04%Recently
65 Pesetacoin Pesetacoin PTC/CNYT$0.003727$110,3290.04%Recently
66 eosDAC eosDAC EOSDAC/CNYT$0.008463$102,4160.03%Recently
67 Stellar Stellar XLM/CNYT$0.0862$82,0180.03%Recently
68 Blox Blox CDT/CNYT$0.0151$78,8810.03%Recently
69 Decred Decred DCR/CNYT$28.76$72,4980.02%Recently
70 Trust Platform Trust Platform TST/CNYT$0.00144$67,9560.02%1 Mins Ago
71 Stox Stox STX/CNYT$0.0199$58,1220.02%Recently
72 Basic Attention Token Basic Attention Token BAT/CNYT$0.2312$50,2010.02%Recently
73 Datum Datum DAT/CNYT$0.001707$48,7910.02%Recently
74 BitTorrent BitTorrent BTT/CNYT$0.000965$38,9130.01%Recently
75 Maggie Token Maggie Token MAG/CNYT$0.000683$34,3690.01%Recently
76 Energy Eco Chain Energy Eco Chain EET/CNYT$0.004751$27,6670.01%1 Mins Ago
77 EON EON EON/CNYT$0.000594$20,7300.01%2 Mins Ago
78 RealChain RealChain RCT/CNYT$0.000698$11,5590%1 Mins Ago
79 BabyCoin BabyCoin BC/CNYT$0.000787$10,0280%Recently
80 Cortex Cortex CTXC/CNYT$0.1257$7,6260%Recently
81 eSDChain eSDChain SDA/CNYT$0.002895$6,5650%Recently
82 BitDegree BitDegree BDG/CNYT$0.001173$6,3070%Recently
83 AVH AVH AVH/CNYT$0.000267$5,0980%Recently
84 Trust Platform Trust Platform TST/USDT$0.0015$3,5520%2 Mins Ago
85 System Working Token China System Working Token China SWTC/CNYT$0.000876$6380%Recently
86 OceanChain OceanChain OC/CNYT$0.000238$1490%11 Hours Ago
* Price Excluded
** Volume Excluded - No Trading Fees
*** Price/Volume Excluded - Outlier Detected

Since its official operation in August, 2017, has been adhering to the business tenet of "integrity-based and customer-oriented", with the intention of providing the best service for every customer. The customer experience of "quick recharge, withdrawal within seconds " attracts a lot of users. Thanks to the love of our fans, the platform has over 70,000 customers after being launched for only two months.

In September 2017, to positively response to seven national ministries and commissions "Notice of Prevention of Financing Risk Caused by Tokens Issue", our operation team has seeked transformation and upgrading and reached an asset acquisition with state-owned enterprises in Hong Kong. We aim at contuning to provide block chain enthusiasts with more perfect service through rich resources, management experience and technical advantages of platforms of state-owned enterprises. The brand-new is a global digital asset trading platform set up by Chinese state-owned enterprises in Hong Kong. It is mainly aimed at providing global users with trading services for digital assets such as ETH and HSR. Therefore, we will upgrade website domain, website homepage, trading patterns, interactive information to provide more high-quality user experience and comprehensive service for our users.

The brand-new will be run by state-owned enterprises, and the present will close the deal on November 17, 2017. Users can choose to withdraw block chain assets to your wallet or choose to transfer your assets to our new website. All current assets are available to trade on our new website which will be launched on November 18, 2017.

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