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Volume (24H): $630,052,140 ≈155,804 BTC Rank 14
Country Singapore Pairs 159 Website

CoinBene provides an online service (platform) which allows users to exchange different block chain modes. These modes usually represent transaction, access and other authorization of corrresponding block chain network (referred to as "tokens").

 Active Markets
# NamePairPriceVolume(24H)Volume(%)Updated
1 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/USDT$4,046$493,989,85678.39%Recently
2 EOS EOS EOS/USDT$3.7$18,136,2142.88%Recently
3 Litecoin Litecoin LTC/USDT$59.76$17,872,4852.84%Recently
4 Litecoin Litecoin LTC/BTC$59.74$10,778,0361.71%Recently
5 Qtum Qtum QTUM/USDT$2.56$8,555,8901.36%Recently
6 Qtum Qtum QTUM/BTC$2.56$7,523,8291.19%Recently
7 Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic ETC/USDT$4.81$7,515,4801.19%Recently
8 Maximine Coin Maximine Coin MXM/USDT$0.0523$7,190,7251.14%Recently
9 NEO NEO NEO/BTC$9.29$6,973,2181.11%Recently
10 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/USDT$139$6,708,8361.06%Recently
11 NEO NEO NEO/USDT$9.3$5,946,0360.94%Recently
12 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/BTC$139$5,868,5610.93%Recently
13 Bitcoin Cash ABC Bitcoin Cash ABC BCHABC/USDT$159$5,558,8300.88%Recently
14 Ripple Ripple XRP/BTC$0.3163$3,229,4260.51%12 Mins Ago
15 Bitcoin Cash SV [BSV] Bitcoin Cash SV [BSV] BCHSV/USDT$67.69$2,885,5010.46%Recently
16 Stellar Stellar XLM/BTC$0.1095$2,358,2920.37%Recently
17 Ripple Ripple XRP/USDT$0.3161$2,323,3730.37%Recently
18 EOS EOS EOS/BTC$3.7$1,733,5080.28%Recently
19 Tron Tron TRX/USDT$0.0227$1,189,2200.19%Recently
20 Aeternity Aeternity AE/BTC$0.4879$1,108,0360.18%Recently
21 Coni Coni CONI/USDT$0.0295$1,093,7010.17%1 Mins Ago
22 Basic Attention Token Basic Attention Token BAT/BTC$0.1969$979,6450.16%Recently
23 Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic ETC/BTC$4.79$939,6920.15%15 Mins Ago
24 Paxos Standard Token Paxos Standard Token PAX/USDT$1$919,3260.15%Recently
25 Tron Tron TRX/BTC$0.0227$840,6680.13%Recently
26 Alibabacoin Alibabacoin ABBC/BTC$0.2024$804,1400.13%Recently
27 Civic Civic CVC/BTC$0.0836$622,0300.1%Recently
28 Aion Aion AION/BTC$0.1438$526,3040.08%Recently
29 Augur Augur REP/BTC$14.65$523,5270.08%Recently
30 ELF ELF ELF/BTC$0.1763$494,0470.08%1 Mins Ago
31 Maximine Coin Maximine Coin MXM/ETH$0.0524$405,7500.06%Recently
32 0x 0x ZRX/BTC$0.2726$353,5370.06%Recently
33 OmiseGo OmiseGo OMG/BTC$1.64$343,8960.05%Recently
34 NANO NANO NANO/BTC$1.01$300,0280.05%Recently
35 Populous Populous PPT/BTC$1.46$281,9550.04%Recently
36 ChainLink ChainLink LINK/BTC$0.4797$271,4490.04%2 Mins Ago
37 Zcash Zcash ZEC/BTC$57.75$269,5950.04%Recently
38 Monero Monero XMR/BTC$53.97$268,5060.04%Recently
39 TEMCO TEMCO TEMCO/USDT$0.00155$218,5390.03%2 Mins Ago
40 ZatGo ZatGo ZAT/ETH$0.001791$169,3030.03%3 Mins Ago
41 Credits Credits CS/USDT$0.0984$141,8850.02%Recently
42 Komodo Komodo KMD/BTC$1.1$137,3690.02%2 Mins Ago
43 QuarkChain QuarkChain QKC/BTC$0.0357$132,3200.02%Recently
44 Coni Coni CONI/ETH$0.0302$119,7290.02%5 Mins Ago
45 DigixDAO DigixDAO DGD/BTC$17.1$119,7210.02%Recently
46 Polymath Network Polymath Network POLY/BTC$0.1043$109,7980.02%Recently
47 Coni Coni CONI/BTC$0.0311$106,0220.02%1 Mins Ago
48 VeriME VeriME VME/BTC$0.002423$89,7430.01%Recently
49 VeriME VeriME VME/ETH$0.002425$85,8130.01%Recently
50 Capricoin Capricoin CPC/BTC$0.5799$83,9620.01%14 Mins Ago
51 Storj Storj STORJ/BTC$0.2733$83,1940.01%Recently
52 Loom Network Loom Network LOOM/BTC$0.0739$75,4350.01%Recently
53 Cortex Cortex CTXC/ETH$0.1679$70,8370.01%Recently
54 Genesis Vision Genesis Vision GVT/BTC$4.07$68,9390.01%Recently
55 RIF Token RIF Token RIF/BTC$0.0754$59,6180.01%Recently
56 The Midas Touch Gold The Midas Touch Gold TMTG/BTC$0.003867$59,0140.01%Recently
57 Bancor Bancor BNT/BTC$0.6134$57,1140.01%Recently
58 Moac Moac MOAC/USDT$0.71$48,9860.01%1 Mins Ago
59 NEM NEM XEM/BTC$0.0504$44,1050.01%2 Mins Ago
60 AidCoin AidCoin AID/BTC$0.009264$39,6190.01%Recently
61 AidCoin AidCoin AID/USDT$0.00921$32,0840.01%Recently
62 XMCT XMCT XMCT/ETH$0.002824$22,8310%2 Hours Ago
63 LatiumX LatiumX LATX/BTC$0.013$20,2370%Recently
64 BaaSid BaaSid BAAS/BTC$0.001444$19,2530%17 Mins Ago
65 Howdoo Howdoo UDOO/BTC$0.0121$19,1030%12 Mins Ago
66 Hdac Hdac HDAC/BTC$0.0574$18,5080%21 Mins Ago
67 LIVEEN LIVEEN VEEN/BTC$0.003297$15,4180%15 Mins Ago
68 Dentcoin Dentcoin DENT/BTC$0.000951$14,3200%5 Mins Ago
69 Fountain Fountain FTN/USDT$0.0518$13,8370%1 Mins Ago
70 Bethereum Bethereum BETHER/ETH$0.001937$13,7400%Recently
71 Fountain Fountain FTN/BTC$0.0513$13,2190%Recently
72 XMCT XMCT XMCT/USDT$0.001906$12,9100%2 Hours Ago
73 EMT Chain EMT Chain EMT/USDT$0.0186$12,2290%Recently
74 Apollo Currency Apollo Currency APL/ETH$0.001508$10,9010%15 Mins Ago
75 WIZBL WIZBL WBL/BTC$0.007606$8,4690%14 Mins Ago
76 Mass Vehicle Ledger Mass Vehicle Ledger MVL/ETH$0.000321$8,0690%Recently
77 Volt Volt ACDC/USDT$0.000793$7,4230%10 Mins Ago
78 BUMO BUMO BU/ETH$0.0364$6,8980%2 Mins Ago
79 EBCoin EBCoin EBC/ETH$0.001022$6,8620%1 Hours Ago
80 DECENT DECENT DCT/BTC$0.0589$6,7590%Recently
81 FuzeX FuzeX FXT/ETH$0.002639$6,2590%15 Mins Ago
82 vSportCoin vSportCoin VSC/ETH$0.000406$6,1820%1 Hours Ago
83 FNKOS FNKOS FNKOS/ETH$0.0104$6,0470%15 Mins Ago
84 MyToken MyToken MT/USDT$0.00241$5,9990%15 Mins Ago
85 Tokenpay Tokenpay TPAY/BTC$2.02$4,8940%15 Mins Ago
86 Social Lending Token Social Lending Token SLT/ETH$0.002451$4,2480%Recently
87 DataShieldCoinBank DataShieldCoinBank DSCB/USDT$0.00000719$3,9400%14 Mins Ago
88 Capricorncoin Capricorncoin CCC/ETH$0.00339$3,6120%15 Mins Ago
89 Facchain Facchain FACC/ETH$0.000657$3,2520%9 Mins Ago
90 Pal Network Pal Network PAL/ETH$0.005059$2,9300%15 Mins Ago
91 LUXCoin LUXCoin LUX/BTC$0.3952$2,9270%11 Mins Ago
92 Nebula AI Nebula AI NBAI/ETH$0.001042$2,8210%37 Mins Ago
93 Electroneum Electroneum ETN/BTC$0.006339$2,7910%41 Mins Ago
94 MyToken MyToken MT/ETH$0.00243$2,3360%15 Mins Ago
95 VTChain VTChain BVT/ETH$0.000654$2,2620%27 Mins Ago
96 System Working Token China System Working Token China SWTC/USDT$0.00094$2,1590%15 Mins Ago
97 Energo Energo TSL/BTC$0.001341$2,1190%3 Hours Ago
98 Dascoin Dascoin DASC/BTC$0.02$2,0120%2 Hours Ago
99 Internet of Services Internet of Services IOST/BTC$0.009062$1,7360%13 Mins Ago
100 INSUREUM INSUREUM ISR/ETH$0.0123$1,5000%1 Hours Ago
101 ShineChain ShineChain SHE/BTC$0.001294$1,4130%10 Hours Ago
102 PumaPay PumaPay PMA/ETH$0.000504$1,2510%6 Mins Ago
103 SmartCash SmartCash SMART/USDT$0.0161$1,2170%6 Hours Ago
104 Pundi X Pundi X NPXS/ETH$0.00061$1,1960%1 Hours Ago
105 Credo Credo CREDO/ETH$0.0251$8980%1 Hours Ago
106 MIB Coin MIB Coin MIB/BTC$0.0271$7890%2 Hours Ago
107 Pundi X Pundi X NPXS/USDT$0.000673$7700%8 Mins Ago
108 AI Doctor AI Doctor AIDOC/BTC$0.004733$7550%15 Mins Ago
109 OVCODE OVCODE OVC/ETH$0.0958$7500%38 Mins Ago
110 SRCOIN SRCOIN SRCOIN/BTC$0.000203$7360%15 Mins Ago
111 TokenClub TokenClub TCT/BTC$0.042$7090%2 Hours Ago
112 SRCOIN SRCOIN SRCOIN/ETH$0.000213$6960%1 Hours Ago
113 Cosmo Coin Cosmo Coin COSM/BTC$0.0425$6560%4 Hours Ago
114 ATX ATX ATX/BTC$0.0103$6150%15 Mins Ago
115 Content Neutrality Network Content Neutrality Network CNN/BTC$0.000134$4500%15 Mins Ago
116 Cosmo Coin Cosmo Coin COSM/ETH$0.0361$3610%10 Hours Ago
117 Volt Volt ACDC/BTC$0.000809$2930%15 Mins Ago
118 AiLink Token AiLink Token ALI/ETH$0.000118$2620%15 Mins Ago
119 GETX GETX GETX/ETH$0.000701$2460%Recently
120 BitNautic Token BitNautic Token BTNT/BTC$0.0202$2300%1 Hours Ago
121 The Abyss The Abyss ABYSS/ETH$0.00543$2260%2 Hours Ago
122 Electra Electra ECA/BTC$0.000289$1930%15 Mins Ago
123 ALAX ALAX ALX/ETH$0.00258$1530%Recently
124 PikcioChain PikcioChain PKC/BTC$0.0283$850%15 Mins Ago
125 Credits Credits CS/ETH$0.1111$720%15 Hours Ago
126 QuadrantProtocol QuadrantProtocol EQUAD/BTC$0.000243$620%5 Hours Ago
127 EBCoin EBCoin EBC/USDT$0.00096$540%1 Hours Ago
128 Simmitri Simmitri SIM/BTC$0.003637$520%3 Hours Ago
129 PRASM PRASM PSM/BTC$0.00019$480%2 Hours Ago
130 Content Neutrality Network Content Neutrality Network CNN/USDT$0.000108$260%1 Hours Ago
131 EnergiToken EnergiToken ETK/BTC$0.000526$250%2 Mins Ago
132 NEXTY NEXTY NTY/ETH$0.00002986$240%4 Hours Ago
133 GoNetwork GoNetwork GOT/ETH$0.03$190%15 Mins Ago
134 Callisto Network Callisto Network CLO/BTC$0.003803$140%4 Hours Ago
135 AICHAIN AICHAIN AIT/USDT$0.00076$130%5 Hours Ago
136 BGX BGX BGX/ETH$0.00025$50%4 Hours Ago
137 Content Neutrality Network Content Neutrality Network CNN/ETH$0.000134$00%2 Hours Ago
138 Level Up Coin Level Up Coin LUC/ETH$0.000139$00%10 Hours Ago
139 Patron Patron PAT/ETH$0.002412$00%10 Hours Ago
140 ClearPoll ClearPoll POLL/BTC$0.0583$00%9 Hours Ago
141 BitStation BitStation BSTN/ETH$0.00000564$00%6 Hours Ago
142 Aditus Aditus ADI/ETH?$?0%21 Hours Ago
143 Auctus Auctus AUC/BTC?$?0%15 Mins Ago
144 Bezop Bezop BEZ/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
145 BOScoin BOScoin BOS/BTC?$?0%1 Days Ago
146 COZ COZ COZ/BTC?$?0%6 Hours Ago
147 Endor Protocol Endor Protocol EDR/ETH?$?0%12 Hours Ago
148 FarmaTrust FarmaTrust FTT/BTC?$?0%2 Days Ago
149 Globalvillage Ecosystem Globalvillage Ecosystem GVE/ETH?$?0%22 Hours Ago
151 Medicalchain Medicalchain MTN/ETH?$?0%22 Hours Ago
152 Shivom Shivom OMX/ETH?$?0%1 Days Ago
153 STB Chain STB Chain STB/ETH?$?0%1 Days Ago
154 Storiqa Storiqa STQ/BTC?$?0%4 Hours Ago
155 No BS Crypto No BS Crypto NOBS/BTC?$?0%23 Hours Ago
156 SALT SALT SALT/BTC?$?0%23 Hours Ago
157 Howdoo Howdoo UDOO/ETH?$?0%6 Hours Ago
158 CEDEX Coin CEDEX Coin CEDEX/ETH?$?0%21 Hours Ago
159 Nucleus Vision Nucleus Vision NCASH/BTC?$?0%7 Hours Ago
* Price Excluded
** Volume Excluded - No Trading Fees
*** Price/Volume Excluded - Outlier Detected

Coinbene ( is a professional team which consist former members of Okcoin, Baidu, Meituan, and JP Mogran company. The founding team has rich experience in digital currnecy, technology platform, and financial risk control. It is committed to building a safe, stable, and reliable top digital asset trading platform in the world.


Optimal currencies

  1. only launch optimal digital currencies

  2. never launch junk currencies

Fastest launch speed

we launch the newest high-quality digital currencies at the fastest speed

Most transaction ways

  1. fiat money and digital currency transaction

  2. currrency to currency transaction

  3. provide a quantitative trading platform

Digital currency bank

we provide a digital currency bank and fdigital currency financing interest of more than 10%.

Best experience

  1. 7*24 one-to-one customer service

  2. deposit and withdrawal of money and currencies can be completed within 10 minutes

Security and stability

  1. Cold and hot wallets, multiple signatures and multiple encrypted network, application, host and data to ensure users' asset security.

  2. Distributed computing and load-balance technology can handle millions concurrent transaction per second to ensure stability of the system.

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