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Volume (24H): $2,528,534 ≈310 BTC Rank 51
Country unknown Pairs 28 Website is an online platform where you can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Digital Assets in Indonesia.

 Active Markets
# NamePairPriceVolume(24H)Volume(%)Updated
1 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/IDR$8,212$1,847,78373.05%Recently
2 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/IDR$181$199,9817.91%2 Mins Ago
3 Ripple Ripple XRP/IDR$0.2913$76,5643.03%Recently
4 Tron Tron TRX/IDR$0.0157$59,7902.36%1 Mins Ago
5 Achain Achain ACT/IDR$0.009015$57,7152.28%1 Mins Ago
6 Litecoin Litecoin LTC/IDR$55.5$47,8391.89%1 Mins Ago
7 Waves Waves WAVES/IDR$0.8451$46,1041.82%3 Mins Ago
8 Cardano Cardano ADA/IDR$0.0396$41,1941.63%Recently
9 Bitcoin Gold Bitcoin Gold BTG/IDR$8.17$37,9871.5%1 Mins Ago
10 ZCoin ZCoin XZC/IDR$5.06$36,9391.46%9 Mins Ago
11 BCD BCD BCD/IDR$0.4789$25,1570.99%Recently
12 Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic ETC/IDR$4.67$9,2340.37%9 Mins Ago
13 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/BTC$180$8,1700.32%18 Mins Ago
14 Global Social Chain Global Social Chain GSC/IDR$0.004719$7,8500.31%6 Mins Ago
15 Ripple Ripple XRP/BTC$0.2906$5,6100.22%21 Mins Ago
16 Tokenomy Tokenomy TEN/IDR$0.0357$5,2410.21%16 Mins Ago
17 Ignis Ignis IGNIS/IDR$0.0239$5,2250.21%53 Mins Ago
18 DAEX DAEX DAX/IDR$0.003874$2,4290.1%8 Mins Ago
19 Dogecoin Dogecoin DOGE/BTC$0.002532$1,8880.07%4 Mins Ago
20 Sumokoin Sumokoin SUMO/IDR$0.0226$1,7700.07%4 Mins Ago
21 Nxt Nxt NXT/IDR$0.0134$1,5520.06%19 Mins Ago
22 Litecoin Litecoin LTC/BTC$54.96$1,1130.04%9 Mins Ago
23 Stellar Stellar STR/BTC$0.063$1,0350.04%1 Hours Ago
24 BitShares BitShares BTS/BTC$0.0256$6610.03%20 Mins Ago
25 NEM NEM NEM/BTC$0.0376$4640.02%55 Mins Ago
26 Nxt Nxt NXT/BTC$0.0131$2230.01%5 Hours Ago
27 Tokenomy Tokenomy TEN/BTC$0.0353$330%3 Hours Ago
28 Storiqa Storiqa STQ/IDR?$?0%17 Hours Ago
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** Volume Excluded - No Trading Fees
*** Price/Volume Excluded - Outlier Detected is an online platform where you can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Digital Assets in Indonesia.’s Services

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With, you will be able to buy Bitcoin or other assets in less than an hour. We accept payment and deposit from any local bank in Indonesia.

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Exchange your Bitcoin or other assets to Rupiah instantly only with a few clicks! Your money will arrive in your bank account in one working day.


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Your account is protected with Multifactor Authentication, combination of e-mail and SMS verification with Google Authenticator pin requirement. These layers of security will guarantee that every transaction is signed and validated by no one other than yourself.


You will only need one account to process any kind of Bitcoin transaction, whether it is to sell, buy, invest or trade Bitcoin. can be accessed easily through various types of devices, such as: PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones. Trade anywhere, anytime, instantly!


Rupiah deposit can be processed instantly and Rupiah withdrawal will only take one working day before the money arrives in your bank account. Every Bitcoin deposit or withdrawal is processed immediately and securely without delay.

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