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BigONE previously claimed to be the international version of the Yunbi. It is a global blockchain asset exchange operated by INBlockchian and received investment from Li Xiaolai.

 Active Markets
# NamePairPriceVolume(24H)Volume(%)Updated
1 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/USDT$7,532$239,391,48878.7%Recently
2 Bitcoin Cash(BCC) Bitcoin Cash(BCC) BCH/USDT$810$26,370,4878.67%Recently
3 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/USDT$464$24,747,1368.14%15 Mins Ago
4 EOS EOS EOS/BTC$8.11$6,285,3472.07%48 Mins Ago
5 EOS EOS EOS/USDT$8.12$5,600,9091.84%15 Mins Ago
6 EOS EOS EOS/ETH$8.11$639,9210.21%8 Mins Ago
7 Everipedia Everipedia IQ/EOS$0.0308$319,3040.1%5 Mins Ago
8 BIG BIG BIG/ETH$0.8084$130,9650.04%1 Days Ago
9 BIG BIG BIG/BTC$0.7539$118,8650.04%1 Days Ago
10 Ethereum Ethereum ETH/BTC$465$77,5170.03%26 Mins Ago
11 InvestDigital InvestDigital IDT/ETH$0.0306$55,0820.02%9 Mins Ago
12 Cybereits Cybereits CRE/ETH$0.0172$38,9510.01%Recently
13 OracleChain OracleChain OCT/ETH$0.5594$36,2790.01%21 Mins Ago
14 InvestDigital InvestDigital IDT/BTC$0.0304$29,9330.01%1 Hours Ago
15 DEW DEW DEW/ETH$0.4266$29,4930.01%3 Hours Ago
16 Qube Qube QUBE/ETH$0.0144$26,0710.01%32 Mins Ago
17 Cybereits Cybereits CRE/BTC$0.0173$25,8880.01%Recently
18 Mixin Mixin XIN/BTC$499$25,4560.01%1 Hours Ago
19 ChatCoin ChatCoin CHAT/BTC$0.0334$22,6660.01%5 Hours Ago
20 DEW DEW DEW/BTC$0.4293$22,3820.01%3 Hours Ago
21 PressOne PressOne PRS/BTC$0.1475$20,9620.01%2 Hours Ago
22 EKT EKT EKT/BTC$0.0588$18,3920.01%2 Hours Ago
23 ATN ATN ATN/BTC$0.2847$15,8630.01%6 Hours Ago
24 eosDAC eosDAC EOSDAC/BTC$0.0493$10,0360%3 Hours Ago
25 Mixin Mixin XIN/ETH$490$9,2210%3 Hours Ago
26 PressOne PressOne PRS/ETH$0.1461$9,1800%43 Mins Ago
27 READ READ READ/BTC$0.007607$9,1380%1 Mins Ago
28 Monaco Monaco MCO/BTC$8.19$8,7770%50 Mins Ago
29 Decentraland Decentraland MANA/BTC$0.1381$8,0810%27 Mins Ago
30 UnlimitedIP UnlimitedIP UIP/ETH$0.009738$7,6350%1 Hours Ago
31 Gamechain System Gamechain System GCS/ETH$0.00371$6,3580%7 Hours Ago
32 UnlimitedIP UnlimitedIP UIP/BTC$0.01$5,7930%1 Hours Ago
33 AICHAIN AICHAIN AIT/BTC$0.0232$5,4910%2 Hours Ago
34 eosDAC eosDAC EOSDAC/ETH$0.0479$4,9870%1 Hours Ago
35 Qube Qube QUBE/BTC$0.0146$4,7560%2 Hours Ago
36 Decentraland Decentraland MANA/ETH$0.1377$3,4540%48 Mins Ago
37 Candy Token Candy Token CANDY/ETH$0.000139$3,3660%2 Hours Ago
38 Motion Motion MTN/ETH$0.0195$2,9700%3 Hours Ago
39 Motion Motion MTN/BTC$0.0204$2,7460%3 Hours Ago
40 Qtum Qtum QTUM/BTC$8.02$2,6270%31 Mins Ago
41 UTour  coin UTour coin UTO/ETH$0.2087$2,4300%7 Hours Ago
42 Litecoin Litecoin LTC/BTC$95.81$2,0370%14 Mins Ago
43 Bitcoin Cash(BCC) Bitcoin Cash(BCC) BCH/BTC$800$2,0360%3 Hours Ago
44 FoundGame FoundGame FGC/BTC$0.0142$1,9340%1 Hours Ago
45 Maggie Token Maggie Token MAG/BTC$0.004971$1,7010%1 Hours Ago
46 SHOW SHOW SHOW/BTC$0.002109$1,4520%Recently
47 Time New Bank Time New Bank TNB/BTC$0.0199$1,3230%3 Hours Ago
48 FoundGame FoundGame FGC/ETH$0.0139$1,2950%1 Hours Ago
49 Hi Mutual Society Hi Mutual Society HMC/ETH$0.0195$1,1570%4 Hours Ago
50 GXChain GXChain GXS/BTC$3.01$1,1270%46 Mins Ago
51 AICHAIN AICHAIN AIT/ETH$0.0204$1,1190%2 Hours Ago
52 Internet of Services Internet of Services IOST/BTC$0.0245$1,0950%1 Hours Ago
53 ChatCoin ChatCoin CHAT/ETH$0.032$1,0370%47 Mins Ago
54 Lampix Lampix PIX/BTC$0.0117$9600%4 Hours Ago
55 Zcash Zcash ZEC/BTC$193$9270%1 Hours Ago
56 BlockCDN BlockCDN BCDN/BTC$0.0115$9190%5 Hours Ago
57 TokenClub TokenClub TCT/BTC$0.0377$8480%13 Hours Ago
58 BOTTOS BOTTOS BTO/BTC$0.0773$6460%3 Hours Ago
59 OmiseGo OmiseGo OMG/BTC$7.38$6250%3 Hours Ago
60 TokenClub TokenClub TCT/ETH$0.0371$6080%3 Hours Ago
61 Bodhi Bodhi BOT/ETH$0.1916$5920%7 Hours Ago
62 0x 0x ZRX/BTC$1.18$5760%18 Hours Ago
63 BitShares BitShares BTS/BTC$0.1997$5680%2 Hours Ago
64 Blox Blox CDT/BTC$0.0231$5410%3 Hours Ago
65 Lunyr Lunyr LUN/BTC$8.07$5280%2 Hours Ago
66 Aeternity Aeternity AE/BTC$1.9$4870%42 Mins Ago
67 Time New Bank Time New Bank TNB/ETH$0.019$4740%4 Hours Ago
68 BodhiEthereum BodhiEthereum BOE/ETH$0.0649$3770%6 Hours Ago
69 FirstBlood FirstBlood 1ST/BTC$0.1782$3060%2 Days Ago
70 Lunyr Lunyr LUN/ETH$7.9$3020%1 Hours Ago
71 Hi Mutual Society Hi Mutual Society HMC/BTC$0.0196$2690%5 Hours Ago
72 Genaro Network Genaro Network GNX/BTC$0.1352$2680%2 Days Ago
73 Gamechain System Gamechain System GCS/BTC$0.003691$2360%2 Hours Ago
74 Bytom Bytom BTM/BTC$0.3192$2200%12 Hours Ago
75 Internet of Services Internet of Services IOST/ETH$0.025$1870%3 Hours Ago
76 Maggie Token Maggie Token MAG/ETH$0.005101$1410%6 Hours Ago
77 BCD BCD BCD/BTC$2.48$1240%7 Hours Ago
78 QunQun QunQun QUN/BTC$0.0131$1060%10 Mins Ago
79 DigixDAO DigixDAO DGD/BTC$96.57$960%6 Hours Ago
80 Ink Ink INK/BTC$0.0512$920%29 Mins Ago
81 Super Bitcoin Super Bitcoin SBTC/BTC$5.81$890%3 Hours Ago
82 OmiseGo OmiseGo OMG/ETH$7.26$770%2 Mins Ago
83 TenX TenX PAY/BTC$0.4652$690%3 Hours Ago
84 Fair.Game Fair.Game FAIR/BTC$0.00949$680%4 Hours Ago
85 VeChain VeChain VEN/BTC$1.81$590%3 Hours Ago
86 DATA DATA DTA/BTC$0.004761$350%18 Hours Ago
87 NEO NEO NEO/BTC$33.49$200%11 Hours Ago
88 AWARE Token AWARE Token AT/BTC$0.001528$160%2 Days Ago
89 Status Status SNT/BTC$0.0676$140%2 Days Ago
90 VeChain VeChain VEN/ETH$2.04$110%7 Hours Ago
91 Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic ETC/BTC$20.81$70%1 Days Ago
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** Volume Excluded - No Trading Fees
*** Price/Volume Excluded - Outlier Detected

BigONE previously claimed to be the international version of the Yunbi. It is a global blockchain asset exchange operated by INBlockchian and received investment from Li Xiaolai.

But in September 2017, as the Chinese government clamped down on ico and many domestic exchanges closed, BigONE disassociated itself from INBlockchian and Li Xiaolai. BigONE's server is currently located in the United States and its website supports Chinese Traditional.

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