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≈$336,965,803$39,274,062$50.1/$53.396,437,656 ZEC6,437,656 ZEC
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 Zcash (ZEC) Markets
# Name Pair Price Volume(24H) Volume(%) Updated
1 YoBitYoBit ZEC /BTC $52.77$8,722,718 20.94%2 Mins Ago
2 HypexHypex ZEC /CNYT$53.61$5,979,927 14.38%Recently
3 HitBTCHitBTC ZEC /USDT $51.91$3,374,330 8.17%Recently
4 FCoinFCoin ZEC /USDT$51.82$2,754,277 6.65%Recently
5 HitBTCHitBTC ZEC /BTC $51.83$2,557,889 6.22%Recently
6 CEX.COMCEX.COM ZEC /USDT$51.8$1,942,188 4.69%Recently
7 HuobiHuobi ZEC /USDT$50.93$1,924,420 4.69%Recently
8 CHAOEXCHAOEX ZEC /BTC$51.9$1,520,505 3.68%Recently
9 ExratesExrates ZEC /BTC $52.44$1,273,613 3.06%4 Mins Ago
10 BitforexBitforex ZEC /BTC$51.79$1,073,250 2.60%Recently
11 BitMartBitMart ZEC /USDT$52.02$1,009,761 2.43%Recently
12 BinanceBinance ZEC /BTC$51.14$838,196 1.83%Recently
13 BitMartBitMart ZEC /BTC$51.92$789,828 1.91%Recently
14 BitforexBitforex ZEC /ETH$51.79$784,740 1.91%Recently
15 DragonExDragonEx ZEC /BTC$51.95$730,798 1.77%Recently
16 HitBTCHitBTC ZEC /ETH $52.01$727,686 1.79%Recently
17 BinanceBinance ZEC /USDT$51.21$473,911 1.14%Recently
18 Bit-ZBit-Z ZEC /BTC $51.57$452,807 1.09%Recently
19 CEX.COMCEX.COM ZEC /BTC$51.94$328,804 0.78%Recently
20 HuobiHuobi ZEC /BTC$50.98$328,324 0.78%Recently
21 ExratesExrates ZEC /USD $52.51$314,979 0.76%4 Mins Ago
22 ExratesExrates ZEC /USDT$52.44$265,259 0.64%4 Mins Ago
23 CHAOEXCHAOEX ZEC /USDT$51.73$251,648 0.61%Recently
24 ExmoExmo ZEC /USD $52.96$245,937 0.59%Recently
25 ExmoExmo ZEC /BTC $52.65$234,002 0.57%Recently
26 BitfinexBitfinex ZEC /USD $51.34$199,083 0.46%Recently
27 GeminiGemini ZEC /USD $51.92$197,504 0.48%Recently
28 BigOneBigOne ZEC /USDT$51.75$186,625 0.45%Recently
29 FCoinFCoin ZEC /BTC$51.77$184,009 0.45%Recently
30 Gate-ioGate-io ZEC /USDT $51.54$166,962 0.40%Recently
31 KrakenKraken ZEC /USD $51.31$165,642 0.39%Recently
32 BitMartBitMart ZEC /ETH$51.91$147,749 0.36%Recently
33 BigOneBigOne ZEC /BTC$52.05$142,659 0.34%1 Mins Ago
34 UpbitUpbit ZEC /KRW$53.12$133,919 0.33%Recently
35 ExmoExmo ZEC /RUB $53.83$123,882 0.30%Recently
36 BitfinexBitfinex ZEC /BTC $51.38$122,919 0.28%Recently
37 FCoinFCoin ZEC /ETH$52.02$106,059 0.26%Recently
38 BinanceBinance ZEC /ETH$51.11$82,138 0.17%Recently
39 BittrexBittrex ZEC /BTC $52.08$70,541 0.17%Recently
40 UpbitUpbit ZEC /BTC$51.69$70,455 0.17%Recently
41 CHAOEXCHAOEX ZEC /ETH$51.86$69,917 0.17%Recently
42 ExmoExmo ZEC /EUR $53.44$61,953 0.15%1 Hours Ago
43 KrakenKraken ZEC /EUR $51.66$58,616 0.14%Recently
44 KrakenKraken ZEC /BTC $50.93$57,764 0.11%Recently
45 CoinbeneCoinbene ZEC /BTC$52.29$36,539 0.09%4 Mins Ago
46 PoloniexPoloniex ZEC /BTC $51.63$29,152 0.07%Recently
47 BinanceBinance ZEC /USDC$51.12$29,008 0.06%Recently
48 BinanceBinance ZEC /BNB$51.23$24,475 0.05%Recently
49 GeminiGemini ZEC /BTC $52.4$20,232 0.05%33 Mins Ago
50 Gate-ioGate-io ZEC /BTC $52.42$18,756 0.05%47 Mins Ago
51 BittrexBittrex ZEC /USD$52.21$16,742 0.04%Recently
52 PoloniexPoloniex ZEC /USDT $51.73$16,680 0.04%Recently
53 BittrexBittrex ZEC /USDT$52.29$14,655 0.04%3 Mins Ago
54 UpbitUpbit ZEC /USDT$51.92$14,557 0.04%Recently
55 Huobi.KRHuobi.KR ZEC /USDT$51.75$14,133 0.03%Recently
56 LivecoinLivecoin ZEC /BTC$52.67$13,153 0.03%Recently
57 BitBayBitBay ZEC /PLN$54.27$12,640 0.03%Recently
58 BinanceBinance ZEC /PAX$51.15$7,363 0.02%Recently
59 PoloniexPoloniex ZEC /USDC$51.65$7,093 0.02%Recently
60 PoloniexPoloniex ZEC /ETH $51.82$6,558 0.02%Recently
61 GeminiGemini ZEC /ETH $51.9$4,733 0.01%3 Hours Ago
62 BittrexBittrex ZEC /ETH$53.1$4,295 0.01%11 Mins Ago
63 UpbitUpbit ZEC /ETH$52$4,213 0.01%Recently
64 Huobi.KRHuobi.KR ZEC /BTC$51.82$2,894 0.01%Recently
65 BX.in.thBX.in.th ZEC /BTC $50.41$1,584 0.00%13 Mins Ago
66 BinanceBinance ZEC /TUSD$52.34$1,401 0.00%34 Mins Ago
67 KunaKuna ZEC /UAH $48.55$1,263 0.00%35 Mins Ago
68 YoBitYoBit ZEC /USD $53.89$720 0.00%34 Mins Ago
69 BitBayBitBay ZEC /BTC$58.34$622 0.00%13 Hours Ago
70 LivecoinLivecoin ZEC /USD$51.88$242 0.00%20 Mins Ago
71 Crex24Crex24 ZEC /BTC $51.98$218 0.00%1 Hours Ago
72 LivecoinLivecoin ZEC /ETH$51.27$212 0.00%20 Mins Ago
73 KrakenKraken ZEC /JPY$44.07$128 0.00%7 Hours Ago
74 Crex24Crex24 ZEC /ETH $51.14$25 0.00%1 Hours Ago
75 BitBayBitBay ZEC /EUR$50.46$8 0.00%7 Hours Ago
76 Trade SatoshiTrade Satoshi ZEC /DOGE ?$? 0.00%4 Hours Ago
77 Trade SatoshiTrade Satoshi ZEC /USDT ?$? 0.00%4 Hours Ago
78 QryptosQryptos ZEC /BTC?$? 0.00%2 Days Ago
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What is Zcash (ZEC)?


-A decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that provides strong privacy protections.

-Shielded transactions hide the sender, recipient, and value on the blockchain.

-If Bitcoin is like http for money, Zcash is https—a secure transport layer.

Zcash is a cryptocurrency that grew out of the Zerocoin project, aimed at improving anonymity for Bitcoin users. The Zerocoin protocol was initially improved and transformed into Zerocash, which thus yielded the Zcash cryptocurrency in 2016. The founder and CEO of Zcash is Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn. Its founding team includes cryptographer Matthew D. Green from Johns Hopkins University. Roger Ver was one of Zcash's initial investors.

Zcash payments are published on a public blockchain, but users are able to use an optional privacy feature to conceal the sender, recipient, and amount being transacted. Like Bitcoin, Zcash has a fixed total supply of 21 million units. In the first 4 years, 20% of the coins created in that period are allocated to a "founders' reward" shared between investors, developers, and a non-profit foundation.

Zcash affords private transactors the option of "selective disclosure", allowing a user to prove payment for auditing purposes. One such reason is to allow private transactors the choice to comply with anti-money laundering or tax regulations. "Transactions are auditable but disclosure is under the participant's control." Wilcox has hosted virtual meetings with law enforcement agencies around the U.S. to explain these fundamentals and has gone on the record of saying that "they did not develop the currency to facilitate illegal activity"

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