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# Name Pair Price Volume(24H) Volume(%) Updated
1 AEXAEX WIC /USDT$0.208$3,251,098 27.34%3 Mins Ago
2 HuobiHuobi WICC /USDT$0.1959$1,981,623 16.71%Recently
3 CEX.COMCEX.COM WICC /USDT$0.1959$1,981,623 16.68%Recently
4 JEXJEX WICC /USDT$0.1959$1,981,623 16.65%Recently
5 CoinwCoinw WICC /CNYT$0.1966$912,970 7.69%Recently
6 HB.topHB.top WICC /BTC$0.1958$577,996 4.86%2 Mins Ago
7 CEX.COMCEX.COM WICC /BTC$0.1957$216,684 1.82%Recently
8 HuobiHuobi WICC /BTC$0.1939$214,613 1.80%Recently
9 TokencanTokencan WICC /BTC$0.195$130,706 1.11%Recently
10 HB.topHB.top WICC /ETH$0.0858$118,723 1.00%2 Mins Ago
11 CoinEggCoinEgg WICC /BTC$0.2003$112,224 1.01%Recently
12 CEX.COMCEX.COM WICC /ETH$0.1957$98,497 0.83%Recently
13 HuobiHuobi WICC /ETH$0.1954$98,313 0.82%Recently
14 TokencanTokencan WICC /ETH$0.1954$40,245 0.34%Recently
15 YEXYEX WICC /ETH$0.1955$38,789 0.33%Recently
16 YEXYEX WICC /BTC$0.1953$26,982 0.23%Recently
17 IDAXIDAX WICC /USDT$0.224$22,092 0.19%4 Mins Ago
18 Bite-CeoBite-Ceo WICC /QC$0.2117$16,042 0.13%1 Hours Ago
19 IDAXIDAX WICC /ETH$0.2191$13,964 0.12%2 Mins Ago
20 LBankLBank WICC /ETH$0.1939$13,681 0.11%Recently
21 HotbitHotbit WICC /ETH $0.1863$13,541 0.11%Recently
22 HotbitHotbit WICC /BTC $0.186$12,331 0.10%Recently
23 RfinexRfinex WICC /ETH$0.1792$1,357 0.01%1 Mins Ago
24 BCEXBCEX WIC /CK.USD$0.1811$195 0.00%1 Hours Ago
25 DragonExDragonEx WICC /USDT$0.2201$176 0.00%11 Hours Ago
26 BITOPBITOP WICC /CNT$0.2304$168 0.00%2 Hours Ago
27 UbitUbit WICC /TWD$0.1539$8 0.00%9 Hours Ago
28 AEXAEX WIC /CNC?$? 0.00%Recently
29 DobiTradeDobiTrade WICC /ETH?$? 0.00%2 Days Ago
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 Analysis for WaykiChain (WICC)
WICC Volume by Currency
WICC - USD Volume by Exchange

Waykichain will thoroughly subvert three traditional industries worthy of several hundred billions of dollars, including the financial industry in terms of the assets trading and distribution methods, the foreign currency exchange market in terms of the acceptance method, and the bet industry in terms of the old and tedious business model.


Smart contract

WaykiChain is a smart contract platform that supports Turing devices. It adopts DPOS consensus mechanism, sets up11 voting nodes, and generates a new block every 10 seconds. According to detailed calculation by WaykiChain Team, currently the confirmed transaction speed can reach 1000+tps.


Voting mechanism

WaykiChain adopts DPOS consensus mechanism with 11 accounting nodes. When every block is generated, one accounting node is elected according to the random perturbation algorithm from the 11 nodes with the most number of votes. Then the accounting node gains all of the transaction handling fees in its accounting block. If the user locks his WaykiChain coins, he may earn the related interests. When the votes of the corresponding user account change, the interests will automatically accrue. According to the design of the system, the annual rate of return is 5% for the first year, and the rate of return will decrease by 1% every year, and finally, the annual rate of return will be fixed at 1% permanently.


WaykiChain applications

WaykiChain decentralized bet application is the first smart contract which is released by WaykiChain Team. In the application, the built-in application bet super-coin will be published. Every term of bet will be triggered by the initiator through the smart contract transaction. During the valid period as stimulated by the contract, the user may initiate the betting contract transaction, and all of the transactions can be searched and traced in the block browser, and can never be revised. All of the super-coins in the betting will be frozen in the smart contract. When a certain term of bet is over, the bet initiator will publish final betting results through the contract transaction. And such results are from official authorities. The smart contract will

issue awards to the correct bet user according to final results.


Official Website: http://www.waykichain.net/index_e.php

Whitepaper: http://www.waykichain.net/ico/whitePaper/English_white_paper.pdf

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