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≈$258,301,148$12,556,429$0.0726/$0.07563,470,483,788 SNT6,804,870,174 SNT
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# Name Pair Price Volume(24H) Volume(%) Updated
1 OKEXOKEX SNT /USDT $0.075$1,175,120 9.17%Recently
2 ZB-comZB-com SNT /QC $0.0768$46,123 0.36%Recently
3 CoinwCoinw SNT /CNYT$0.0748$3,242,798 24.90%Recently
4 BinanceBinance SNT /BTC$0.0751$2,507,780 19.60%Recently
5 IDAXIDAX SNT /BTC$0.0727$2,024,219 15.78%Recently
6 OKEXOKEX SNT /BTC $0.0746$912,780 7.15%Recently
7 UpbitUpbit SNT /KRW$0.0754$476,695 3.66%1 Mins Ago
8 IDAXIDAX SNT /ETH$0.0727$437,765 3.42%Recently
9 AEXAEX SNT /BITCNY$0.0682$352,362 2.78%2 Mins Ago
10 HuobiHuobi SNT /USDT$0.0749$199,858 1.56%Recently
11 CEX.COMCEX.COM SNT /USDT$0.0748$199,788 1.56%Recently
12 TOPBTCTOPBTC SNT /ETH$0.0854$179,571 1.40%Recently
13 CoinTigerCoinTiger SNT /BTC$0.0745$149,964 1.17%Recently
14 BithumbBithumb SNT /KRW$0.0734$144,885 1.13%Recently
15 YEXYEX SNT /ETH$0.0744$93,953 0.73%Recently
16 HuobiHuobi SNT /BTC$0.075$88,250 0.69%Recently
17 CEX.COMCEX.COM SNT /BTC$0.0748$87,775 0.69%Recently
18 OKEXOKEX SNT /ETH $0.075$53,671 0.42%Recently
19 Gate-ioGate-io SNT /USDT$0.0745$48,545 0.37%Recently
20 LiquiLiqui SNT /BTC $0.0731$47,971 0.38%Recently
21 LiquiLiqui SNT /USDT $0.0728$47,587 0.38%1 Mins Ago
22 LiquiLiqui SNT /ETH $0.0728$47,056 0.37%1 Mins Ago
23 UpbitUpbit SNT /BTC$0.0753$34,810 0.27%7 Mins Ago
24 BittrexBittrex SNT /BTC$0.0744$34,372 0.27%7 Mins Ago
25 YEXYEX SNT /BTC$0.0747$32,758 0.26%Recently
26 Bite-CeoBite-Ceo SNT /QC$0.0714$32,319 0.25%10 Mins Ago
27 BinanceBinance SNT /ETH$0.0751$31,864 0.25%2 Mins Ago
28 CHAOEXCHAOEX SNT /ETH$0.0747$29,988 0.23%4 Mins Ago
29 CHAOEXCHAOEX SNT /CODE$0.0723$28,964 0.23%16 Mins Ago
30 BitfinexBitfinex SNT /USD$0.0746$26,853 0.21%Recently
31 BitfinexBitfinex SNT /ETH$0.0749$20,736 0.16%3 Mins Ago
32 Gate-ioGate-io SNT /ETH $0.0748$11,130 0.09%6 Mins Ago
33 UpbitUpbit SNT /ETH$0.0748$2,627 0.02%19 Mins Ago
34 BittrexBittrex SNT /ETH$0.0747$2,623 0.02%19 Mins Ago
35 KucoinKucoin SNT /BTC $0.0748$1,755 0.01%Recently
36 OTCBTCOTCBTC SNT /ETH $0.056$1,679 0.01%4 Hours Ago
37 BITOPBITOP SNT /CNT$0.0745$1,500 0.01%23 Mins Ago
38 ZB-comZB-com SNT /USDT$0.0779$1,036 0.01%Recently
39 KucoinKucoin SNT /ETH$0.0744$994 0.01%8 Mins Ago
40 Gate-ioGate-io SNT /BTC $0.0759$969 0.01%2 Hours Ago
41 HitBTCHitBTC SNT /BTC$0.0746$616 0.00%25 Mins Ago
42 BitfinexBitfinex SNT /BTC$0.0745$295 0.00%15 Mins Ago
43 LivecoinLivecoin SNT /BTC $0.0903$168 0.00%4 Hours Ago
44 DDEXDDEX SNT /ETH$0.0761$119 0.00%2 Hours Ago
45 HitBTCHitBTC SNT /ETH $0.0752$61 0.00%9 Mins Ago
46 TidexTidex SNT /ETH$0.0766$38 0.00%7 Hours Ago
47 EtherDeltaEtherDelta SNT /ETH $0.0809$20 0.00%3 Hours Ago
48 OkCoinKROkCoinKR SNT /KRW$0.0754$8 0.00%16 Hours Ago
49 HitBTCHitBTC SNT /USD$0.0714$2 0.00%3 Hours Ago
50 ZB-comZB-com SNT /BTC$0.0795$1 0.00%5 Hours Ago
51 LivecoinLivecoin SNT /USD ?$? 0.00%7 Hours Ago
54 AEXAEX SNT /CNC?$? 0.00%2 Mins Ago
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What is Status Network Token (SNT)?

Status is an open source messaging platform and mobile interface to interact with decentralized applications that run on the Ethereum Network. SNT is a utility network token for Status, the first ever mobile Ethereum client built entirely on peer-to-peer technologies.

The messenger form-factor is chosen to make Ethereum feel as familiar as possible to the average smartphone user, while providing a flexible platform for DApp developers, aimed to maximise the amount of daily use of Ethereum’s public blockchain.

The Status Network token is a modular utility token that fuels the Status network. This includes a Decentralized Push Notification Market, Governance of the Status client, Community Curation of content, along with social communication tools such as Tribute to Talk. We also propose a fiat-to-crypto 'Teller Network', DApp Directory, Sticker Market, and demonstrate our research on a User Acquisition Engine to grow the Network.

The Status Network Token (‘SNT’) is distributed at a rate of 10,000 SNT per 1 ETH to participants in the Contribution Period.

Useful Links:

Official Website: https://status.im/

White Paper: https://status.im/whitepaper.pdf

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