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# Name Pair Price Volume(24H) Volume(%) Updated
1 BitforexBitforex QTUM /USDT$2.59$6,673,550 15.30%Recently
2 BitforexBitforex QTUM /ETH$2.59$4,570,293 10.48%Recently
3 AllcoinAllcoin QTUM /BTC $2.58$3,847,761 8.77%Recently
4 HB.topHB.top QTUM /ETH$2.6$3,024,575 6.92%4 Mins Ago
5 Bit-ZBit-Z QTUM /USDT$2.59$2,433,107 5.61%Recently
6 HitBTCHitBTC QTUM /BTC$2.59$2,192,987 5.00%Recently
7 CoolCoinCoolCoin QTUM /BTC$5.21$1,743,743 3.99%Recently
8 BitgetBitget QTUM /USDT$2.59$1,499,708 3.44%Recently
9 BitMartBitMart QTUM /USDT$2.59$1,457,781 3.33%Recently
10 ExratesExrates QTUM /BTC$2.59$1,450,290 3.32%6 Mins Ago
11 ExratesExrates QTUM /USD$2.59$1,301,689 2.98%6 Mins Ago
12 HitBTCHitBTC QTUM /USDT $2.6$1,086,473 2.48%Recently
13 DragonExDragonEx QTUM /USDT$2.58$986,773 2.27%Recently
14 BitMartBitMart QTUM /BTC$2.6$979,492 2.22%Recently
15 BinanceBinance QTUM /BTC$2.6$914,175 2.10%Recently
16 JEXJEX QTUM /USDT$2.59$817,163 1.87%Recently
17 HuobiHuobi QTUM /USDT$2.59$817,163 1.87%Recently
18 CEX.COMCEX.COM QTUM /USDT$2.58$816,689 1.87%Recently
19 HitBTCHitBTC QTUM /ETH $2.6$813,604 1.87%Recently
20 CoinbeneCoinbene QTUM /BTC$2.59$749,081 1.71%Recently
21 BitMartBitMart QTUM /ETH$2.58$695,370 1.59%Recently
22 CoinbeneCoinbene QTUM /USDT$2.59$692,620 1.58%Recently
23 BitgetBitget QTUM /ETH$2.57$684,958 1.59%Recently
24 BinanceBinance QTUM /USDT$2.58$661,678 1.51%Recently
25 UpbitUpbit QTUM /KRW$2.66$505,058 1.16%Recently
26 HB.topHB.top QTUM /USDT$2.59$361,098 0.83%4 Mins Ago
27 HB.topHB.top QTUM /BTC$2.57$310,070 0.71%4 Mins Ago
28 Bit-ZBit-Z QTUM /BTC$2.58$181,466 0.42%Recently
29 BitgetBitget QTUM /BTC$2.6$137,961 0.31%Recently
30 CEX.COMCEX.COM QTUM /BTC$2.58$112,582 0.26%1 Mins Ago
31 HuobiHuobi QTUM /BTC$2.58$112,475 0.26%2 Mins Ago
32 KrakenKraken QTUM /CAD$2.55$111,158 0.25%25 Mins Ago
33 IquantIquant QTUM /BTC $2.58$106,678 0.24%2 Mins Ago
34 IquantIquant QTUM /USDT$2.59$98,675 0.23%Recently
35 KrakenKraken QTUM /USD$2.6$74,204 0.17%Recently
36 ExratesExrates QTUM /ETH$2.62$65,442 0.15%6 Mins Ago
37 BigOneBigOne QTUM /USDT$2.58$63,799 0.15%Recently
38 BigOneBigOne QTUM /BTC$2.59$61,595 0.14%Recently
39 Gate-ioGate-io QTUM /USDT $2.59$58,140 0.13%1 Mins Ago
40 PoloniexPoloniex QTUM /USDT$2.58$54,429 0.12%Recently
41 BinanceBinance QTUM /ETH$2.59$50,054 0.12%Recently
42 ExmoExmo QTUM /USD$2.63$33,744 0.08%Recently
43 ExmoExmo QTUM /BTC$2.62$33,541 0.08%Recently
44 UpbitUpbit QTUM /BTC$2.59$31,947 0.07%11 Mins Ago
45 ExmoExmo QTUM /ETH$2.63$30,846 0.07%Recently
46 CEX.COMCEX.COM QTUM /ETH$2.59$27,596 0.06%Recently
47 HuobiHuobi QTUM /ETH$2.59$27,530 0.06%Recently
48 KrakenKraken QTUM /BTC$2.6$26,034 0.06%Recently
49 KrakenKraken QTUM /EUR$2.63$21,614 0.05%Recently
50 BitfinexBitfinex QTM /USD$2.57$18,333 0.04%Recently
51 BinanceBinance QTUM /BNB$2.59$7,621 0.02%Recently
52 PoloniexPoloniex QTUM /BTC$2.59$7,579 0.02%Recently
53 Crex24Crex24 QTUM /BTC$2.58$5,629 0.01%Recently
54 Gate-ioGate-io QTUM /BTC $2.58$3,766 0.01%20 Mins Ago
55 KrakenKraken QTUM /ETH$2.63$3,630 0.01%22 Mins Ago
56 Gate-ioGate-io QTUM /ETH $2.59$2,202 0.01%9 Mins Ago
57 UpbitUpbit QTUM /ETH$2.63$1,573 0.00%11 Hours Ago
58 Gate-ioGate-io QBT /QTUM$2.54$1,361 0.00%12 Mins Ago
59 Huobi.KRHuobi.KR QTUM /ETH$2.59$1,273 0.00%Recently
60 BitfinexBitfinex QTM /BTC$2.58$1,180 0.00%Recently
61 Huobi.KRHuobi.KR QTUM /USDT$2.59$556 0.00%Recently
62 Huobi.KRHuobi.KR QTUM /BTC$2.58$148 0.00%2 Mins Ago
63 LivecoinLivecoin QTUM /BTC $2.65$142 0.00%20 Mins Ago
64 QryptosQryptos QTUM /BTC$2.62$107 0.00%4 Hours Ago
65 ExxExx QTUM /BTC $1.61$71 0.00%11 Hours Ago
66 BitfinexBitfinex QTM /ETH$2.58$34 0.00%Recently
67 Gate-ioGate-io MED /QTUM$2.65$2 0.00%15 Hours Ago
68 AllcoinAllcoin QTUM /CKUSD?$? 0.00%Recently
69 OTCBTCOTCBTC QTUM /BTC ?$? 0.00%23 Hours Ago
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What is Qtum?

Combining a modified Bitcoin Core infrastructure with an inter-compatible version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Qtum merges the reliability of Bitcoin’s unfailing blockchain with the endless possibilities provided by smart contracts.

Designed with stability, modularity, and interoperability in mind, Qtum is the foremost toolkit for building trusted decentralized applications, suited for real-world, business oriented use cases. Its hybrid nature, in combination with a first-of-its-kind PoS consensus protocol, allows Qtum applications to be compatible with major blockchain ecosystems while providing native support for mobile devices and IoT appliances.

Smart Contract Lifecycle Management

Qtum, in cooperation with its academic partners, develops tools and methods to standardize the workflow for business smart contract development. This includes the formally verifiable translation of human-readable agreements to machine smart contracts, and the error-resilient specification of their elements, terms, and conditions.

Setting Industry Standards

Cooperating with a series of partners and third parties, Qtum aims to establish a smart contract hub, offering secure and thoroughly tested contract templates, tailor fitted for a multitude of industries and use cases, such as supply chain management, telecommunications, IoT, social networking, and many more.

Go Mobile

Building on Bitcoin’s UTXO model, the simple payment verification (SPV) protocol is supported by the Qtum codebase by default. As a result, it is now possible to execute smart contracts from lite wallets, which can be easily installed on any given mobile device, heralding an age of mobile decentralized applications.

With this, the blockchain is finally ready to take up disruption in a world in which half of all internet traffic is being generated by smartphones and tablets.

Account Abstraction Layer

Qtum extends Bitcoins 'Script' language so that it functions as a vehicle to transport code to Qtum’s version of the EVM. With this, it is now possible to execute smart contracts and run decentralized applications, simply and securely, in environments that were previously out of reach for turing-complete blockchains, combining the endless possibilities provided by smart contracts with the stability and maturity of the bitcoin ecosystem.

Cross-Platform and Backward Compatibility

Qtum is compatible with existing Ethereum contracts as well as Bitcoin gateways and will maintain backward-compatibility even if the system is updated.


Useful Links:

Official Website: https://qtum.org/en/

White Paper: https://qtum.org/uploads/files/a2772efe4dc8ed1100319c6480195fb1.pdf

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