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# Name Pair Price Volume(24H) Volume(%) Updated
1 OKEXOKEX NEO /USDT $13.92$9,970,235 3.44%Recently
2 ZB-comZB-com NEO /QC $14.37$6,193,432 2.12%1 Mins Ago
3 BitforexBitforex NEO /USDT $13.85$33,111,814 11.31%Recently
4 CoinbeneCoinbene NEO /BTC$13.9$31,145,104 10.71%Recently
5 CoinbeneCoinbene NEO /USDT$13.9$30,912,825 10.62%Recently
6 DragonExDragonEx NEO /USDT$13.93$19,016,365 6.58%Recently
7 HitBTCHitBTC NEO /BTC $13.93$18,251,858 6.30%Recently
8 Bit-ZBit-Z NEO /USDT$13.89$15,749,601 5.45%Recently
9 BitMartBitMart NEO /BTC $13.9$14,670,474 5.06%Recently
10 BitforexBitforex NEO /ETH$13.91$14,615,109 4.99%Recently
11 BitMartBitMart NEO /USDT $13.91$13,927,112 4.79%Recently
12 BinanceBinance NEO /USDT$13.91$13,080,652 4.53%Recently
13 BinanceBinance NEO /BTC$13.9$10,875,549 3.76%Recently
14 HitBTCHitBTC NEO /USDT $13.9$8,355,204 2.89%Recently
15 OKEXOKEX NEO /BTC $13.91$7,442,351 2.57%Recently
16 ExratesExrates NEO /BTC $13.91$6,059,413 2.09%9 Mins Ago
17 JEXJEX NEO /USDT$13.9$5,954,574 2.04%Recently
18 HuobiHuobi NEO /USDT$13.9$5,954,574 2.04%Recently
19 BitfinexBitfinex NEO /USD$14.01$4,104,598 1.42%Recently
20 ExxExx NEO /USDT$13.9$3,607,178 1.25%Recently
21 BitMartBitMart NEO /ETH $13.89$3,577,528 1.23%Recently
22 OKEXOKEX NEO /ETH $13.92$3,161,462 1.09%Recently
23 ZB-comZB-com NEO /USDT$13.89$2,086,474 0.71%Recently
24 HypexHypex NEO /CNYT$14.35$1,453,276 0.50%1 Mins Ago
25 HuobiHuobi NEO /BTC$13.91$1,098,942 0.38%Recently
26 UpbitUpbit NEO /KRW$14.2$799,192 0.28%1 Mins Ago
27 BinanceBinance NEO /ETH$13.89$771,680 0.27%Recently
28 BinanceBinance NEO /BNB$13.95$747,328 0.26%Recently
29 HypexHypex NEO /ETH$14.47$704,218 0.24%Recently
30 OKEXOKEX NEO /OKB$13.91$585,654 0.20%Recently
31 Gate-ioGate-io NEO /USDT$13.94$580,399 0.20%3 Mins Ago
32 BittrexBittrex NEO /BTC$14$330,134 0.11%Recently
33 BinanceBinance NEO /TUSD$13.9$301,031 0.10%11 Mins Ago
34 BittrexBittrex NEO /USDT$13.87$241,790 0.08%2 Mins Ago
35 CoolCoinCoolCoin NEO /BTC$1.34$189,814 0.07%2 Days Ago
36 BitfinexBitfinex NEO /BTC$13.98$182,700 0.06%Recently
37 BinanceBinance NEO /USDC$13.95$169,437 0.06%3 Mins Ago
38 BitfinexBitfinex NEO /EUR$14.02$84,805 0.03%Recently
39 ExmoExmo NEO /USD$13.85$81,586 0.03%2 Mins Ago
40 ExmoExmo NEO /BTC$13.77$79,867 0.03%1 Mins Ago
41 BigOneBigOne NEO /BTC$13.94$77,604 0.03%Recently
42 BinanceBinance NEO /PAX$13.94$63,105 0.02%3 Mins Ago
43 BittrexBittrex NEO /ETH$14.03$50,661 0.02%15 Mins Ago
44 BitfinexBitfinex NEO /ETH$13.96$45,426 0.02%Recently
45 Huobi.KRHuobi.KR NEO /USDT$13.9$39,548 0.01%Recently
46 BigOneBigOne NEO /USDT$13.9$26,307 0.01%Recently
47 ExratesExrates NEO /USDT$13.91$18,484 0.01%9 Mins Ago
48 HitBTCHitBTC NEO /ETH $13.98$14,693 0.01%30 Mins Ago
49 ExmoExmo NEO /RUB$13.42$12,219 0.00%10 Mins Ago
50 ExratesExrates NEO /USD $13.94$9,294 0.00%9 Mins Ago
51 ExratesExrates NEO /TUSD$13.99$7,319 0.00%9 Mins Ago
52 Huobi.KRHuobi.KR NEO /BTC$13.91$5,050 0.00%Recently
53 Gate-ioGate-io NEO /BTC$13.96$1,885 0.00%9 Mins Ago
54 LivecoinLivecoin NEO /BTC $13.38$1,832 0.00%5 Mins Ago
55 BitfinexBitfinex NEO /GBP$14.56$976 0.00%Recently
56 BitfinexBitfinex NEO /JPY$13.69$773 0.00%Recently
57 QryptosQryptos NEO /JPY$15.28$723 0.00%18 Hours Ago
58 LivecoinLivecoin NEO /USD $13.65$684 0.00%3 Mins Ago
59 QryptosQryptos NEO /ETH$13.15$435 0.00%12 Hours Ago
60 OTCBTCOTCBTC NEO /ETH $14.55$264 0.00%4 Hours Ago
61 QryptosQryptos NEO /USD$12.21$194 0.00%21 Hours Ago
62 BitMartBitMart NEO /BMX$9.95$53 0.00%8 Hours Ago
63 QryptosQryptos NEO /BTC$14.59$42 0.00%4 Hours Ago
64 OTCBTCOTCBTC NEO /BTC $14.49$29 0.00%12 Hours Ago
65 LivecoinLivecoin NEO /ETH $13.88$15 0.00%1 Hours Ago
66 Bite-CeoBite-Ceo NEO /QC$11.91$9 0.00%24 Hours Ago
67 OTCBTCOTCBTC NEO /USDT?$? 0.00%3 Hours Ago
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*** Price/Volume Excluded - Outlier Detected
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NEO is the use of blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets, the use of smart contracts for digital assets to be self-managed, to achieve "smart economy" with a distributed network.

NEO has two forms of digital assets: global assets and contract assets. Global assets can be recorded in the system space and can be identified by all smart contracts and clients. Contract assets are recorded in the private storage area of the smart contract and require a compatible client to recognize them. Contract assets can adhere to certain standards in order to achieve compatibility with most clients.

NEO has an independent smart contract system: NeoContract. The NeoContract smart contract system is the biggest feature of the seamless integration of the existing developer ecosystem. Developers do not need to learn a new programming language but use C#, Java and other mainstream programming languages in their familiar IDE environments (Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc.) for smart contract development, debugging and compilation. NEO's Universal Lightweight Virtual Machine, NeoVM, has the advantages of high certainty, high concurrency, and high scalability. The NeoContract smart contract system will allow millions of developers around the world to quickly carry out the development of smart contracts. NeoContract will have a separate white paper describing the implementation details.

Useful Links:

Official Website: https://neo.org/

White Paper: http://docs.neo.org/en-us/

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