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Hshare (HSR)
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≈$246,723,038$48,096,737$5.57/$5.8442,206,393 HSR84,000,000 HSR
 Hshare Charts
 Hshare (HSR) Markets
# Name Pair Price Volume(24H) Volume(%) Updated
1 OKEXOKEX HSR /BTC $5.72$11,222,483 22.85%Recently
2 ZB-comZB-com HSR /QC $5.84$2,482,725 5.05%Recently
3 CoinwCoinw HSR /CNYT$5.74$13,414,979 27.88%Recently
4 OKEXOKEX HSR /USDT $5.71$4,028,475 8.22%Recently
5 TOPBTCTOPBTC HSR /BTC$6.37$2,621,107 5.80%Recently
6 CoolCoinCoolCoin HSR /BTC$7.27$1,951,463 4.00%Recently
7 QBTCQBTC HSR /CNYT$5.73$1,466,244 3.02%Recently
8 Bit-ZBit-Z HSR /BTC$5.7$1,379,275 2.80%Recently
9 COINNESTCOINNEST HSR /KRW$5.17$1,283,309 2.62%Recently
10 KEXKEX HSR /USDT$6.09$1,148,267 2.36%2 Mins Ago
11 OKEXOKEX HSR /ETH $5.69$1,110,789 2.28%Recently
12 BithumbBithumb HSR /KRW$5.59$979,222 2.04%Recently
13 BinanceBinance HSR /BTC$5.68$906,098 1.84%Recently
14 ZB-comZB-com HSR /USDT$5.69$703,951 1.43%1 Mins Ago
15 FuncoinFuncoin HSR /ETH$6.19$610,494 1.28%2 Mins Ago
16 HypexHypex HSR /CNYT$5.82$610,242 1.24%Recently
17 Bite-CeoBite-Ceo HSR /QC$5.61$494,725 1.01%52 Mins Ago
18 ExxExx HSR /USDT$6.06$435,226 0.81%Recently
19 ExxExx HSR /BTC $5.67$400,384 0.81%Recently
20 HuobiHuobi HSR /USDT$5.7$378,853 0.75%Recently
21 CEX.COMCEX.COM HSR /USDT$5.69$377,666 0.75%Recently
22 ZB-comZB-com HSR /BTC$5.65$208,194 0.43%16 Mins Ago
23 HuobiHuobi HSR /BTC$5.72$69,906 0.14%Recently
24 CEX.COMCEX.COM HSR /BTC$5.71$69,719 0.14%Recently
25 Gate-ioGate-io HSR /USDT$5.68$60,736 0.12%Recently
26 HitBTCHitBTC HSR /BTC$5.78$32,031 0.07%41 Mins Ago
27 BinanceBinance HSR /ETH$5.68$31,714 0.07%12 Mins Ago
28 HuobiHuobi HSR /ETH$5.72$28,452 0.06%Recently
29 CEX.COMCEX.COM HSR /ETH$5.69$28,306 0.06%Recently
30 QBTCQBTC HSR /USDT$5.79$20,971 0.04%2 Hours Ago
31 Gate-ioGate-io HSR /ETH$5.7$8,582 0.02%6 Mins Ago
32 ZB-comZB-com HSR /ZB$5.78$2,926 0.01%1 Hours Ago
33 CryptopiaCryptopia HSR /BTC $5.52$2,337 0.00%55 Mins Ago
34 BITOPBITOP HSR /CNT$5.67$1,815 0.00%2 Hours Ago
35 Gate-ioGate-io HSR /BTC$5.7$1,174 0.00%2 Hours Ago
36 ExxExx HSR /CNYT$6.37$0 0.00%1 Days Ago
37 AllcoinAllcoin HSR /BTC ?$? 0.00%20 Hours Ago
38 CryptopiaCryptopia HSR /LTC ?$? 0.00%1 Days Ago
39 CryptopiaCryptopia HSR /DOGE ?$? 0.00%2 Hours Ago
40 AllcoinAllcoin HSR /CKUSD?$? 0.00%2 Mins Ago
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  • Name Hshare/HSR
  • WebSite WebSite1
  • Explorer Explorer1
  • Start Date 2017-08-21
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Hcash is Australia's first public blockchain project to have successfully launched an ICO (as Hshare), which took place in July 2017. Now it is actively traded on multiple exchanges and has received overwhelming support and acceptance from blockchain enthusiasts and professionals all over the world for its innovation and practicality.

Hcash was born to overcome current limits of existing blockchain technology through its ability to link different blockchain systems. In simple terms, it will allow for transactions of both data as well as value (money) to occur between systems that currently cannot readily exchange both with ease. By bridging the limits between different blockchains and securing information through encryption, we believe Hcash brings forth greater room for growth and opportunity.

Hcash is utilising technical innovation from the Hyperchain technology company who have partnered with Monash University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University to develop its technology including: Zero Knowledge Proof technology and our Proof of Work and Proof of Stake model. Additionally, Hcash have partnered with four leading quantum computing and cryptography experts who are actively working on implementing quantum resistant technology in Hcash.

Useful Links:

Official Website: https://h.cash/

White Paper: https://h.cash/themes/en/dist/pdf/Hcash+Whitepaper+V0.8.5.pdf

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