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≈$606,271,212$33,948,497$67.72/$68.938,779,399 DASH18,900,000 DASH
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 Dash (DASH) Markets
# Name Pair Price Volume(24H) Volume(%) Updated
1 FatBTCFatBTC DASH /FCNY$71.61$6,088,027 17.99%Recently
2 IDAXIDAX DASH /BTC$68.43$4,853,005 14.20%Recently
3 BitMartBitMart DASH /USDT$68.41$4,489,836 13.15%Recently
4 BigOneBigOne DASH /USDT$68.36$3,759,610 11.03%Recently
5 BitMartBitMart DASH /BTC$68.43$2,402,976 7.03%Recently
6 FEXFEX DASH /BTC$68.42$1,669,880 4.89%Recently
7 BitforexBitforex DASH /USDT$68.37$971,663 2.85%Recently
8 FatBTCFatBTC DASH /BTC$66.87$943,660 2.78%Recently
9 BitforexBitforex DASH /BTC$68.48$768,246 2.25%Recently
10 BitforexBitforex DASH /ETH$68.48$708,405 2.08%Recently
11 JEXJEX DASH /USDT$68.41$689,051 2.02%Recently
12 LivecoinLivecoin DASH /BTC $72.44$687,845 2.02%3 Mins Ago
13 HitBTCHitBTC DASH /USDT $68.39$574,688 1.68%Recently
14 DragonExDragonEx DASH /BTC$68.05$507,148 1.49%Recently
15 CHAOEXCHAOEX DASH /BTC$68.29$499,458 1.47%Recently
16 ExratesExrates DASH /BTC $68.29$462,257 1.36%14 Mins Ago
17 BigOneBigOne DASH /BTC$68.35$402,780 1.18%Recently
18 ExratesExrates DASH /USD $68.31$339,796 1.00%14 Mins Ago
19 ExratesExrates DASH /USDT$68.19$336,535 0.99%14 Mins Ago
20 FCoinFCoin DASH /USDT$68.3$304,625 0.89%Recently
21 BinanceBinance DASH /BTC$68.45$295,205 0.86%Recently
22 Bit-ZBit-Z DASH /BTC$68.35$269,862 0.79%Recently
23 BinanceBinance DASH /USDT$68.36$266,486 0.77%Recently
24 HitBTCHitBTC DASH /BTC $68.41$265,926 0.78%Recently
25 HitBTCHitBTC DASH /ETH $69.51$233,453 0.69%Recently
26 CHAOEXCHAOEX DASH /ETH$68.36$199,579 0.59%Recently
27 BitMartBitMart DASH /ETH$68.45$148,407 0.43%Recently
28 MercatoxMercatox DASH /BTC $65.14$146,300 0.44%Recently
29 CEX.COMCEX.COM DASH /BTC$68.69$127,338 0.37%Recently
30 PoloniexPoloniex DASH /BTC $68.28$101,294 0.30%Recently
31 ExmoExmo DASH /BTC $70.74$95,097 0.28%Recently
32 CHAOEXCHAOEX DASH /USDT$68.42$91,002 0.27%Recently
33 ExmoExmo DASH /USD $70.57$66,253 0.20%Recently
34 BitfinexBitfinex DSH /USD$68.68$35,292 0.10%Recently
35 BinanceBinance DASH /ETH$68.55$31,529 0.09%8 Mins Ago
36 ExmoExmo DASH /RUB $69.44$26,315 0.08%Recently
37 FCoinFCoin DASH /ETH$69.45$25,785 0.08%1 Mins Ago
38 ExmoExmo DASH /USDT$68.26$19,927 0.06%1 Mins Ago
39 BitfinexBitfinex DSH /BTC$68.74$17,734 0.05%Recently
40 FCoinFCoin DASH /BTC$68.38$17,137 0.05%20 Mins Ago
41 ExmoExmo DASH /UAH$63.88$16,302 0.05%1 Mins Ago
42 KrakenKraken DASH /EUR $68.61$15,903 0.05%18 Mins Ago
43 BittrexBittrex DASH /BTC $68.07$13,782 0.04%2 Mins Ago
44 UpbitUpbit DASH /BTC$68.04$13,775 0.04%40 Mins Ago
45 BinanceBinance DASH /BNB$68.6$13,160 0.04%24 Mins Ago
46 LivecoinLivecoin DASH /USD $72.23$12,147 0.04%4 Mins Ago
47 KrakenKraken DASH /USD $68.1$8,160 0.02%Recently
48 Crex24Crex24 DASH /BTC $69.6$6,672 0.02%3 Mins Ago
49 Gate-ioGate-io DASH /USDT$68.29$5,989 0.02%8 Mins Ago
50 KrakenKraken DASH /BTC $68.38$5,062 0.01%16 Mins Ago
51 Gate-ioGate-io DASH /BTC $68.07$3,334 0.01%2 Hours Ago
52 PoloniexPoloniex DASH /USDT $68.08$3,164 0.01%4 Mins Ago
53 SouthXchangeSouthXchange DASH /BTC $68.79$1,225 0.00%13 Mins Ago
54 UpbitUpbit DASH /ETH$69.12$911 0.00%5 Hours Ago
55 BittrexBittrex DASH /ETH$68.11$897 0.00%4 Hours Ago
56 UpbitUpbit DASH /USDT$68.1$801 0.00%2 Hours Ago
57 BittrexBittrex DASH /USDT$68.1$801 0.00%1 Hours Ago
58 BitBayBitBay DASH /PLN $68.75$442 0.00%1 Hours Ago
59 TidexTidex DASH /BTC $68.62$376 0.00%5 Mins Ago
60 PoloniexPoloniex DASH /USDC$68.32$358 0.00%2 Mins Ago
61 KunaKuna DASH /UAH $63.29$247 0.00%2 Hours Ago
62 BitBayBitBay DASH /BTC $66.94$91 0.00%19 Hours Ago
63 TidexTidex DASH /WAVES $70.15$76 0.00%5 Mins Ago
64 TidexTidex DASH /ETH $69.97$38 0.00%4 Mins Ago
65 Trade SatoshiTrade Satoshi DASH /USDT $67$16 0.00%6 Hours Ago
66 SouthXchangeSouthXchange DASH /LTC$48.83$9 0.00%12 Hours Ago
67 BitBayBitBay DASH /EUR $85.47$9 0.00%2 Days Ago
68 Trade SatoshiTrade Satoshi DASH /BTC $67.06$3 0.00%2 Hours Ago
69 SouthXchangeSouthXchange CCXX /DASH?$3 0.00%5 Hours Ago
70 BleutradeBleutrade DASH /USDT$67.8$1 0.00%20 Hours Ago
71 SouthXchangeSouthXchange DIN /DASH?$1 0.00%7 Mins Ago
72 SouthXchangeSouthXchange DOGE /DASH$76.15$0 0.00%4 Hours Ago
73 SouthXchangeSouthXchange DASH /DAI$57.06$0 0.00%17 Hours Ago
74 Trade SatoshiTrade Satoshi DASH /ETH$68.92$0 0.00%12 Hours Ago
75 Trade SatoshiTrade Satoshi DASH /DOGE $60.14$0 0.00%4 Hours Ago
76 SouthXchangeSouthXchange BSD /DASH$80$0 0.00%24 Hours Ago
77 SouthXchangeSouthXchange BBP /DASH$77.67$0 0.00%24 Mins Ago
78 SouthXchangeSouthXchange XAX /DASH$45.11$0 0.00%17 Hours Ago
79 SouthXchangeSouthXchange ZEIT /DASH $69.17$0 0.00%3 Mins Ago
80 SouthXchangeSouthXchange XVG /DASH$42.12$0 0.00%22 Hours Ago
81 SouthXchangeSouthXchange SNOVA /DASH?$0 0.00%2 Hours Ago
82 SouthXchangeSouthXchange DASH /BCH ?$? 0.00%1 Days Ago
83 QryptosQryptos DASH /USD?$? 0.00%1 Days Ago
84 QryptosQryptos DASH /BTC?$? 0.00%1 Days Ago
85 SouthXchangeSouthXchange IOTA /DASH?$? 0.00%2 Hours Ago
86 SouthXchangeSouthXchange CELC /DASH?$? 0.00%2 Hours Ago
87 SouthXchangeSouthXchange IVI /DASH?$? 0.00%4 Hours Ago
88 SouthXchangeSouthXchange POLIS /DASH?$? 0.00%1 Days Ago
89 BleutradeBleutrade DASH /ETH?$? 0.00%7 Hours Ago
90 ACXACX DASH /BTC?$? 0.00%2 Days Ago
91 SouthXchangeSouthXchange MANNA /DASH?$? 0.00%2 Days Ago
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  • Name Dash/DASH
  • WebSite WebSite1
  • Explorer Explorer1
  • Start Date 2014-01-18
  • White Pager
  • Twitter N/A
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What is Dash?

Dash (DASH) is a privacy-centric digital currency with instant transactions. It is based on the Bitcoin software, but it has a two-tier network that improves it. Dash allows you to remain anonymous while you make transactions, similar to cash.

With Bitcoin, transactions are published to the blockchain and you can prove who made them or to whom, but with Dash the anonymization technology makes it impossible to trace them. This is important because the blockchain is accessible to anyone with an internet connection – a significant drawback for those don’t wish their transaction history and balances to be publicly available. Dash does this through a mixing protocol utilizing an innovative decentralized network of servers called Masternodes, avoiding the need for a trusted third party that could compromise the integrity of the system.

Masternode Network

Full nodes are servers running on a P2P network that allows peers to use them to receive updates about the events on the network. These nodes require significant amounts of traffic and other resources that carry substantial cost. As a result, on the Bitcoin network, a steady decrease in the amount of these nodes has been observed for some time and as a result block propagation have been upwards of 40 seconds. Many solutions have been proposed such as a new reward scheme by Microsoft Research and the Bitnodes incentive program

Instant Transactions via InstantSend

By utilizing Masternode quorums, users are able to send and receive instant irreversible transactions. Once a quorum has been formed, the inputs of the transaction are locked to only be spendable in a specific transaction, a transaction lock takes about four seconds to be set currently on the network. If consensus is reached on a lock by the Masternode network, all conflicting transactions or conflicting blocks would be rejected thereafter, unless they matched the exact transaction ID of the lock in place.

This will allow vendors to use mobile devices in place of traditional POS systems for real-world commerce and users to quickly settle face-to-face non-ommercial transactions as with traditional cash. This is done without a central authority.


Useful Links:

Official Website: https://www.dash.org/

Block Explorer: https://explorer.dash.org/chain/Dash

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