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# Name Pair Price Volume(24H) Volume(%) Updated
1 OKEXOKEX BCD /USDT $1.75$87,598 0.44%7 Mins Ago
2 ZB-comZB-com BCD /QC $4.34$2,555 0.01%1 Hours Ago
3 CoinwCoinw BCD /CNYT$1.52$12,273,908 62.22%Recently
4 ExxExx BCD /BTC$1.44$4,880,246 24.61%Recently
5 CoolCoinCoolCoin BCD /BTC$1.76$494,170 2.50%Recently
6 BTCTRADEBTCTRADE BCD /USC$2.3$320,496 1.55%Recently
7 Gate-ioGate-io BCD /USDT$1.75$252,921 1.29%Recently
8 BinanceBinance BCD /BTC$1.74$231,273 1.18%2 Mins Ago
9 CEX.COMCEX.COM BCD /BTC$1.74$231,031 1.17%1 Mins Ago
10 CoinEggCoinEgg BCD /BTC$1.69$185,480 0.91%1 Mins Ago
11 CoinEggCoinEgg BCD /USC$1.77$155,744 0.77%1 Mins Ago
12 QBTCQBTC BCD /CNYT$1.71$112,087 0.57%4 Hours Ago
13 ExratesExrates BCD /BTC $1.69$96,983 0.49%2 Mins Ago
14 Bitcoin IndonesiaBitcoin Indonesia BCD /IDR $1.69$82,334 0.42%Recently
15 ExratesExrates BCD /USD $1.7$60,284 0.30%2 Mins Ago
16 AEXAEX BCD /GAT$1.7$54,926 0.28%3 Mins Ago
17 BinanceBinance BCD /ETH$1.73$50,390 0.26%14 Mins Ago
18 CEX.COMCEX.COM BCD /ETH$1.73$49,744 0.25%5 Mins Ago
19 HuobiHuobi BCD /BTC$3.57$47,236 0.24%Recently
20 BTCTRADEBTCTRADE BCD /BTC$1.85$42,316 0.22%19 Hours Ago
21 OKEXOKEX BCD /BTC $1.75$37,250 0.19%16 Mins Ago
22 QBTCQBTC BCD /USDT$1.71$9,364 0.05%4 Hours Ago
23 HitBTCHitBTC BCD /BTC$1.69$6,636 0.03%28 Mins Ago
24 Crex24Crex24 BCD /BTC $1.65$3,143 0.02%22 Mins Ago
25 HitBTCHitBTC BCD /USDT$1.61$2,896 0.01%33 Mins Ago
26 Gate-ioGate-io BCD /BTC$1.76$2,159 0.01%2 Hours Ago
27 KucoinKucoin BCD /BTC$7.97$292 0.00%3 Mins Ago
28 BigOneBigOne BCD /BTC$1.32$274 0.00%10 Hours Ago
29 ZB-comZB-com BCD /BTC$4.52$16 0.00%2 Days Ago
30 ZB-comZB-com BCD /USDT$4.55$13 0.00%2 Days Ago
31 YoBitYoBit BCD /BTC $1.86$10 0.00%2 Hours Ago
32 KucoinKucoin BCD /ETH$8.36$9 0.00%3 Hours Ago
33 COINNESTCOINNEST BCD /KRW?$? 0.00%14 Hours Ago
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  • Name BCD/BCD
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  • Start Date 2017-11-16
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What is Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)?

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) is a fork of Bitcoin that occurs at the predetermined height of block 495866 and therewith a new chain will be generated as the BCD. Bitcoin Diamond miners will begin creating blocks with a new proof-of-work algorithm, and will consecutively develop and enhance the protection for account transfer and privacy based on original features of BTC. This will cause a bifurcation of the Bitcoin blockchain. The original Bitcoin blockchain will continue unaltered, but a new branch of the blockchain will split off from the original chain. It shares the same transaction history with Bitcoin until it starts branching and coming into a unique block from which it diverges. As a result of this process, a new cryptocurrency was created which we call “Bitcoin Diamond”.

Protection of Privacy

Encrypting the amount and balance to protect customers’ privacy.

Fast Transaction Confirmations

Bitcoin Diamond raised the block size limit to 8MB as part of a massive on-chain scaling approach. There is ample capacity for everyone's transactions. The speed of generating blocks will be increased five times and the ultimate goal is to improve transaction confirmation speed for the entire BTC blockchain.

Lowering the Cost for Participation Thresholds

Reducing the transaction fees and the cost of participation: The total amount of Bitcoin Diamond is decuple of Bitcoin which means reducing the cost of the new participations and lowering the thresholds.

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Official Website: http://www.btcd.io/index.html

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